Wednesday, October 8, 2008

She gots da fever

Poor little Livvy.

She's been down and out for a few days, with a pretty nasty cold. Lots of coughing and a temperature around 102. Joel calls her "hot head." :-) Joel is the best daddy ever, taking time off from work to stay home with her so I can still be here at Spirit (because my co-host is in...ahem...Hawaii.) Thats right. Tom is in Hawaii so I am holding down the fort this week... meanwhile Joel and Olivia are home watching daytime TV and staying hydrated. Poor little girl.

I have decided to blame it all on Tom. :-)


malerie said...

I hope she's back to her sunny self soon! Maiya has been having her first fever and ear infection for the past couple days, it's so hard when your baby is sick!

Hunter said...

Olivia I hope you feel better soon!!!