Thursday, October 9, 2008

Currently Reading

Remember in high school, when you were forced to read whatever novel the teacher picked out in English class? The paperback would sit in my backpack and I would wait until the absolute last possible minute to open it up before the report was due. And even then, I'd grab the Cliffs notes.

I think that was the first reason I was turned off from reading. It felt like an assignment, not a privilege. Like a chore.

The other reason I was turned off from reading had to do with the fact that it made me sleepy. Sometimes I wouldn't know how to fall asleep and I'd always heard the suggestion "read a book." Lights out.

It's taken me a while to get back in the habit of enjoying a book. TV is so much easier, isn't it? Until recently when I realized there is nothing on. Ever. Except for The Office (tonight). But other than that, nothing.

So after I'd exhausted all my other resources (Lucky magazine, my pink Nintendo DS with Brain Age, various online games at MSN like Diner Dash) I decided my new hobby would be reading. Most recently I ordered Nicholas Sparks "The Lucky One" off It was good, but not "Notebook" good. Now I've begun "Same Kind Of Different As Me" at the recommendation of some radio friends. The first one they suggested was The Shack, which I loved. I'm into fictional stories that highlight faith.

Wanna read "Same Kind Of Different As Me" together? I know I'm not Oprahs book club or anything, but it's kind of fun to discuss. I'm on chapter 4 as of today, so you'll need to catch up. :-) Oh, and we don't read on Thursdays, because, you know...The Office.


malerie said...

I love that you're on a blogging spree!

I also love that when I logged onto write a blog about how I've been in the mood to read, and asking for book suggestions, you had one waiting for me :)

Office tonight! Whoo!

malerie said...

Our libraries here don't carry it (yet). :(

Lyndsay said...

Nothing on TV...come on!!! Survivor, Biggest Loser and The Unit have to count for something. :)

Alexis said...

okay, so i haven't read this one yet, but i read the new nicholaus sparks book, "the lucky one" and i have to say once i got to the last chapter i ALMOST threw the book, good thing i didn't! i won't say why i don't want to ruin it for others that plan on reading it, but since you read it... you'll know why. i love his books but that last few have been downers. you agree?