Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Granddaddy Visit

Olivia has several grandpas. She has my dad, Steve, who we call "Grandpa." And my step-dad, Kevin, who Olivia affectionately named "Po" as in, Grandpo. And Joels Dad, Kenny, is "Granddaddy." Hard to keep straight, you'd think. But for Olivia, she knows and loves them each in their own way.

Here's the cute thing from the other day. I got a few pictures of Olivia (I'll post later this week) and sent them out to the grandparents. A little "bait" on a hook, I call it, because as soon as they receive pictures in their inbox, they all come clammering for when they can see her again. Honestly, I can count the seconds from when I hit "send" to when my phone rings or I get a text.

So I wasn't too surprised the other night when Kenny (Granddaddy) called Joel's cell after I sent him about 8 photos of his grandgirl. The conversation went something like this: (one-sided, mind you, because all I could hear was Joels end of the conversation)

"Hi Dad."
"Oh, you got those, huh? Sarah sent 'em?"
"Yeah, she's pretty cute."
"No, we're up. Just watching TV."
"Oh, ok...well uh, we'll see you soon!"

I laughed because I knew what came next.

"I guess my dad's stopping by."

Granddaddy came over with about 7 boxes of cookies. Olivia was thrilled! She had one in each hand. He also showed off his swanky new 14 megapixel camera (I have camera ENVY!) and here are a few shots.

And yes...I'll mention it before you make fun of it. I know Joel and I have matching glasses. For the record, Joel wants me to tell you that he had his pair first and I copied.


malerie said...

I love that you have matching glasses with your hubby :)

Paulina said...

you have such a cute family! oh, and you look so pretty without fair! :p