Monday, March 26, 2007

In The Blink Of An Eye

Could it be? My baby is three months old already? She's already grown out of her newborn diapers, and the size ones... and now she's in size twos. Seriously... Make time slow down!

This girl weighs 14 pounds, and my arms can feel the difference when I carry her carseat. She doesn't fit in her baby bathtub anymore, and my back feels the difference when I'm leaning over the regular-size tub. Her newborn nightgowns are already in rubbermaid storage bins and moving into the garage. Time is going by too fast, and there are still clothes with tags on them that she's never had the chance to wear. Thankfully my sister-in-law is pregnant (woohoo!) and I'll be able to pass some things on.

Basically, I'm just trying to keep up. Savor the moments. Capture them on film, if possible. I tell myself to enjoy each stage as it quickly comes and too quickly passes. And I say "Thank You, God!!!" prayers every chance I get.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Olivia is very picky about where she sleeps. She doesn't like to sleep in a cradle or crib. (So frustrating!). She only likes her bouncy seat with the vibrate button on...all we go through a package of "D" batteries every week. Thank goodness for Costco.

And she's almost too big for the seat, so I'm not sure what we're going to do... and I'm not sure why she doesn't like to sleep on her back in the crib... She flails her little arms (maybe she feels like she's falling?) and wakes herself up. I hope she gets over it soon, because I don't want to have to send her to college with a bouncy seat that's big enough for an adult. But, I digress...

Well, leave it to Grandma to find a new place that Olivia likes to nap. A warm pile of laundry. I remember being a little kid and loving to have the warm laundry poured on me while I sat on the couch. It's like that Seinfeld episode when Kramer puts his clothes in the oven 'cause he likes them all toasty warm. Again, I digress...

Here's Olivia just snoozin' away in the laundry basket. I think nearly every person I know has a picture of themselves as a baby in a laundry basket. Why is this? What is it with us mothers that thinks "Hmmm. I'm bored. I think I'll put the baby in the laundry and take a picture." :-) I have no idea. But we all seem to have one.

Anyways, if you have any tips on how I can get this child to sleep like a normal baby in her crib, I'm open to any and all suggestions. Otherwise, I'll start calling Fisher Price to see if they make bouncy seats for grown-ups.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God Of Comfort

Yesterday, my grandma (we call her "Gran") went in for some surgery. The doctors couldn't complete it because they found a tumor. The biopsy results came back: cancer.

I called my mom and she was trying to hold it together on her way to the hospital. I told her that it's in moments like these that Jesus will comfort our family, and my mom very honestly said: "Well, then how come I don't feel Him?" I told her that sometimes we just don't, and that I would pray that she felt Him soon.

Well, today mom went back to the hospital to visit Gran now that the news has sunk in a little bit. Mom took pictures to decorate Gran's room, and my Aunt brought a brand-new duvet comforter for the hospital bed. My mom and Aunt didn't know they'd be arriving at the same time, but they found each other in the waiting room. My Aunt asked my mom to help her unpack the new duvet and new cover and fluff it together before they went into the room. As they were shaking it out, my Aunt mentioned: "I wish we had those clips that hold the duvet in place, bummer..." And then my mom started to smile.

My mom reached into her pocket and felt two duvet clips. Now remember: My mom had NO IDEA that my Aunt was coming to the hospital, let alone with a duvet. The only reason my mom even had these little clips in her pocket was because she was doing laundry a few days before and accidentally left them in her jeans when she got distracted by a phone call. I mean, who on earth carries around duvet clips in their pockets, anyway?

Only God knew that this teeny, tiny detail would be needed at the hospital. It was just God telling my mom and my Aunt: I'm here. I see you. I see you in the waiting room fluffing a blanket to comfort your mother, and I see that you need some little clips. Not safety pins, not paper clips, nothing except for these simple little duvet clips.

My mom called me later and said "I feel Him now."

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Me and My Girl

I love to snuggle this child. I sniff her head when I drop her off at Grandmas before I go, because I love the way she smells. It's like lavender baby soap. I snuggle my nose into her neck and kiss her chubby cheeks and wiggle my nose against hers. Then I sniff her again because I just can't seem to get enough. :-)