Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For Kenna & Lee

Until last night, I didn't even know there was a day like this. But thanks to Angie (link to the left), I know know that today (Oct 15th) is the National Day of Remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant Loss. This includes all babies who have died because of miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or any other infant death.

My friends, Kenna and Lee, who previously worked at Spirit and who I love dearly, lost their first baby less than a month ago. Kenna was 7 months pregnant, went in for a routine ultrasound, and there was no longer a heartbeat. I got a text from her asking for prayer, as she had to go to the hospital and deliver her daughter, who had already passed away. Her husband Lee stood by her side, and together they went through a weekend of every emotion you could ever imagine, to eventually deliver their daughter, Bennett Taydem Stoops, on Sunday, Sept 21st, 2008.

There are no sufficient words I can express reguarding the loss of a child.

I can, however, honor the memory of Bennetts life. I do my best to call or text Kenna and Lee often. If they only knew how often I think of them. I wish I could take just a tiny bit of the pain off their shoulders to make it more managible for them.

Today, I remember Bennett. Perhaps you are remembering your child, or the child of a friend. I encourage you to reach out today.


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Kristal said...

My husband and Lee went to school together and I just recently met Kenna. When I found out that they lost there daughter my heart went out to them. My husband and I went through the exact same thing except I was 36 weeks (8 months) along when we went in for a routine ultrasound and found no heartbeat. they wouldn't tell us what was going on either they just sent us to the hosptal and made us wait to be told. It has since been 5 1/2 years, but not one day is any easier. I think it gets harder after you have more kids because, like in our case, our kids all look the same so everyday I look at my kids and wonder if Szaelthia would look like them still. I still to this day have my good and bad days and I know that there love for bennett will always grow.