Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If you read nothing else...

So I've posted about her before, but it's been a while. So here we go again.

About 6 months ago, I read a story online. Ok, so it was on Celebrity Baby Blog. Yes, a guilty pleasure of mine to find out what shoes Violet Affleck is wearing today. The website exists. Deal with it. Anyway, I read a story that changed my life... on Celebrity Baby Blog.

It was the story of Audrey Caroline Smith. She is the daughter of Todd & Angie Smith. Todd Smith is in the group Selah. We play Selah on Spirit 105.3, perhaps you would be most familiar with their cover of "God Bless the Broken Road." I digress.

Angie Smith has candidly and honestly and purposefully shared the story of their sweet Audrey, and in turn opened up her heart to all of us. If you read nothing else today, read the story: Bring The Rain In fact, if you never read my blog again, thats ok. I don't care. As long as you read Angies words. They are that powerful.

To give you a little perspective, some blogs have "followers." I, for example, have four. (Thank you, my precious four.) Angie, in turn, has 571.

The link I gave you (above) will help you start at the beginning of the story. Once you read the first post, you'll need to navigate your way through the blog to read the rest of the posts, in reverse order. It's worth it. Do it tonight.



A spirit listener said...

We all love your blog too, Sarah! Thank you for not only being a strong example of a Christian, but guiding us to other blogs as well that are inspirational and blessed with God's spirit.

anna said...

correction: you have 5 followers. :)

i've followed for awhile, but now it's official. i clicked the link. :)

Rachel Mercado said...

Thanks for sharing Bring the Rain with us. I have followed it ever since you mentioned it the first time. What an amazing story and what an amazing family. It's really cool to see that people we listen to on the radio are "regular people" just like us. And Sarah, I love your blog too! I have read it from the very beginning. By the way, thank you for the book. I got so caught up in reading it that I haven't thanked you yet. So, thank you very much!

a frog in my soup said...

I found the link to that blog only a couple days ago on a friend's blog, so I was shocked to see it mentioned here as well so soon afterward! It is an amazing blog and testimony!

Oh, and Blogger's "Followers" gadget isn't a great indicator of actual number of readers! Your feed is available in many different ways and very few people actually use that feature, so I know that you have more readers than that :).