Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Signs of Life

This weekend had one stand-out highlight: Olivia fell asleep on my chest on the couch.

Sounds so simple and ordinary...but she hasn't done this since she was a newborn. She's always too squiggly and wiggly and full-of-energy and never wants to snuggle.

So you can imagine my surprise when she reaches those little chubby arms up to the couch and holds a blankie in each fist. It started with her little head laying down, and I started to hum a lullabye... and sure enough, she was out. Even though her 24 pound frame was squishing me, I didn't care. I loved smelling her hair and snuggling her close. She smelled like sunscreen and sweat. It was so funny. She'd played so hard all day.

I took a cell phone picture to capture the moment. I wanted to remember how it felt to breathe in and breathe out with my sleepy girl beside me. My heart had been heavy all day - just thinking about Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. I knew the memorial for Maria was this weekend. So later I went online and found the following:

(source: The Tennessean)

"...And then Chapman recalled how he tried to fight for his little girl in the hospital, how he told the doctors he needed to pray, he needed to save her.

"That's what you do as a dad," he said, his voice breaking up. And how he asked God for a sign to know that his daughter was OK, and the frustration when it didn't come. Not right away, he said. And then he found a card Maria painted but never finished. When he turned it around, it read "see."

"I heard her little voice and the voice of God," he said. "She said: 'See, dad, it's OK.' "

I was so thankful to come accross this online. Ever since I heard of the news, I was praying that God would speak to the family - that He would give them a sign or a miracle or an angel or SOMETHING to let them know that He is with them.

I let Olivia sleep in my arms for hours that night. I thanked God for his words to the Chapmans, and for the reminder for myself to slow down and cherish each second I have with the ones I love.

Friday, May 23, 2008

How to help

Share your thoughts and prayers with the Chapman family here:


I've been reading through the thousands of comments and found SO many kind words. It's an amazing tribute to the Chapman family, and to Maria.

This was one of my favorite pieces that someone wrote:

The stroke of midnight came too soon.

The grand ball came to an expected and unexplainable close for your
Cinderella. And like the story-book Cinderella, the magic came to an end,
but in a different way.

Your Cinderella exchanged her beautiful gown, not for common clothes, but
for a spotless, white robe.

Her glass slippers for a street paved with gold.

Her tuxedoed attendants for a host of saints and a chorus of angels.

Her distant prince for the ever-present Prince of Peace.

Her bejeweled chariot for a heavenly mansion prepared since the foundation
of the world.

And she exchanged her gleaming white horses for the reality that she never
needs to rush off again - she is now home.

Really, the grand ball came to a close for those left behind. But for
Cinderella it is just beginning.

In lieu of flowers, the Chapmans request any gifts be directed to Shaohannah’s Hope.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Accident Claims Chapman Child


I just checked my email and found the following. Please be in prayer for the Chapman family.

From Nashville's WZTV Fox 17:

This one involving two of Christian singer Stephen Curtis Chapman's

According to state troopers one of Chapman's teenage sons was pulling
into their Williamson county home tonight when he hit his five year old

The little girl was pronounced dead at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

No charges are expected to be filed.

My heart is breaking in two as I type this. As a mother, this is my worst fear. And to know that there is a family going through this at this very moment is beyond my comprehension.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Clever Subject Line

Mothers Day was great. I slept in until 10:30 (I love you, Joel) and went to grab coffee. Joel got me this cute little wine rack for the kitchen (what a funny mothers day gift) and then DETAILED MY WHOLE CAR. I can't tell you how much of a difference that made! There were so many Ritz crumbs in the back seat, I was starting to call it the Cracker Car. Not to mention all the Starbucks straws in the side door panel of the drivers seat. There were so many that they were spilling out onto the floor board. Plus, I had sticky stuff in my cup holders. Now my car is clean and pristine. He worked so long in the garage! What a great gift.

We rounded out the evening by watching Sabrina on some cable channel. I don't care how many times I've seen that movie, I'll always love the transformation of Sabrina when she comes home from Paris. It's my favorite part. I want to go to a Laraby party.

So I'm getting ready to leave for a wedding this week. We'll be gone 4 days, and it's my first time leaving Olivia. My stomach is in knots just thinking about it. I've never even left her overnight before. It's a first-time mom thing, I think.


On the bright side, I'm very excited to see one of my best friends tie the knot. Congrats Channah and Tyler!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Double Socks

I've told you before that my mom watches Olivia during the day. But have I told you that she goes ABOVE and BEYOND by sending me emails and pictures about their adventures? It's the kindest, sweetest thing to open my inbox and find emails like this:


GrannyNanny took me to the park with double socks. But den I met my new friend Christina who was born a few weeks after me. But I wants to run around the park with her! So I runs around with double socks, but I loses da race and Christina wins da race, cause I is only running in my double socks. But den Christina’s mama thinks my mama can’t afford shoes for the little Livvy Bug. Buts I tells her, “No, I has da shoes, but da mama forgots dem just today. Tomorrow I comes to da park wiff my shoes, Christina, and I will win our race, tomorrow!”

Luv, Your shoeless baby girl Little Livvy Bug

PS I shares my Rice Rusk with Christina and now her mama is going to go to the store and buy some. I shares, mama, I shares my Rice Rusk. But I don’t shares my pine cones, those are MINE!

Diamond in the rough

I wish I was this smart when it came to advertising.

Picture 20 or so people, in suits, in a boardroom.

"How are we gonna sell diamonds this year, guys?"

"Yeah. Diamonds for Mothers Day."

Well, how about if we target "mom" and all she does for the family?

"Sure, Gus. Lets do that."

And then the comments begin: What about a new mom who just welcomed her first baby? Or the mom of a toddler who is being potty trained? Or the mom who's kindergartner made an art project? Or what about the Mom who's son just walked through the front door, home from college?

"Sounds great guys, but how are we gonna do all that in 30 seconds?

Well, here you go.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I was up earlier than I'd like, with Olivia ready to start the day.

We were downstairs on the couch and I was halfway paying attention to her "gibberish" while she played with blocks.

And then I heard it.

Olivia: "Mama."

Me: "WHAT???"

Olivia: "Mama."

Me: *shrieking* "YES! That's right! MAMA! Ohmygosh Olivia! That's right! Mama!!!"

Olivia: "MAMA!" smiles.

I've waited 17 looooong months to hear "Mama." Of course, she's mastered every word BUT Mama, such as "Daddy, Kitty and Hi."

Good things come to those who wait, I guess. I like that she waited until Mothers Day week to spout out "Mama." Best gift ever.


So it looks like the plants survived the April showers, now lets see if they can survive the May "Livvy."

Friday, May 2, 2008

Picky Eater is back

Olivia wouldn't do well with Atkins. Shes a carb-a-holic. Cheerios ("ooos") and Ritz Crackers "Mmmm") and bread and pasta.

So leave it to my mom to sneak things into to a grilled cheese sandwich. She hides the chicken and squash inside the sandwich. And squishy broccoli n potatoes too!

Hooray for nutrition!