Friday, August 31, 2007

I LOVE My Granny Nanny

Hi, it's me, Olivia!

My Granny is teaching me how to type, 'cause her's is a keyboard teacher and her's says dat it's back-to-school's time. Her's is a good "Granny Nanny." Her's takes good care of a little Olivia-baby like me. We's play on da floor wiff blocks and books and her's is teaching me how to crawl when my Mama is at da radio. I listen to my Mama on da radio wiff Uncle Tom. My Granny Nanny says dat Uncle Tom needs typing lessons, too. Granny Nanny says dat Keyboarding is an important skill to learn. I tells her dat my wittle fingers can't reach da keys, and her's says dats Ok and dat they will someday.

Granny Nanny needs to teach me about da spell check.


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Matt & Eva said...

Hi baby Olivia! I can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks! You and baby Mac can get to know each other too! She likes to meet other babies.