Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I feel it! I feel it!

Ok, so I know you can't technically SEE it, but I promise you its there. I promise!

Olivia's FIRST tooth has poked through. She's been cutting it for a while now, and it's finally broken through her little gums! She's had a low-grade fever for the past few days, but she's handling it well.

I've been waiting for this little tooth to make it's appearance for so long now. And now that it's finally here, I'm like, "Noooooo! You're growing up too fast!"

Tom and I were talking about the Tooth Fairy, and wondering what the going rate is these days. Tom chimes in with "I got a lousy dime." Ah, Tom.

I remember I'd alwasy get little notes from the Tooth Fairy - reminding me to brush and floss. Pffft. I also remember one night the Tooth Fairy "forgot" to visit. I went to my mom in tears, asking why, and my mom goes: "Uh...uh...I think she's in Mexico. She'll probably be back tomorrow."

:-) Sarah


Casey Biggs said...

I have a son that is a day older than Olivia and I know what you mean by growing up to fast. When my neice and nephew came to visit Grandma's about 10 years ago, Grandmas's toothfairy paid them $10 per tooth. I think in that 3 month time my neice & nephew pulled out ten teeth between the two of them. Yikes!! The funny thing is when we were growing up we were excited to get .50 and now that wont even get you a candy bar.

Mrs M said...

ha ha ha, i love that the tooth fairy was in mexico.

olivia is such a beauty, sarah!!! i adore those chubby little cheeks, that gummy (though not for long) little smile, and those beautiful blue eyes!!! god has truely blessed you!!!

Lyndsay said...

I rememeber feeling the same way when Owen got his first tooth. Thinking I'll never again see that cute all gums smile. Now he has two bottom teeth and one of his top teeth are coming in, but when he smiles and shows off his teeth it's just the cutest!

Dana :-) said...

I think I can see a little bit of white trying to poke through on the bottom??? How cute. I must say that Olivia has such beautiful eyes just like her mommy! Have a great weekend!