Sunday, August 5, 2007

More, Please!

Please keep adding your "Best Of" lists to the comments (post below.)

I'm going to share as many of them as I can on-air.

Here are a few from my weekend:

**When Grandma watches Olivia so I can get some errands done!

**When my husband wakes up early on Sunday morning and watches the little one so I can sleep in!

**When you think you're getting a bad cold, but the next day it turns out not to be too bad!


**When your dad calls just to say hi.

**When the kitty sneaks into the bedroom and curls up at your feet

**When theres no line at Starbucks, and they make your drink JUST right.

**When theres a great movie on TV and you get to vege out on the couch.

**When your sister-in-law is 8 1/2 months pregnant and you can't wait for a new baby in the family!

**When the weather is not to hot or too cold - and you get to be outdoors

**When you have energy to clean the house and admire all your work... and your husband helps!

And all of those are just from this weekend!!!

We sure have a lot to be thankful for. I love forcing myself to take a few minutes to write these down, because I always feel so blessed when I read back over them.

Although, I have one negative comment: Right now, at this very moment, my husband is screaming "Sarrrrah! The baby smells! Go change her!" and I'm like "I'm on the computer, you do it!" and he's like "Noooooooo. it smells too bad!"

Gotta go. :-)


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Holly said...

* when a customer comes in and asks how you are and means it :)

* going out to coffee with a friend you haven't seen for a while