Monday, August 27, 2007

And along comes another one

My sister-in-law Emily is at the hospital, having her baby as we speak!


I tried to tell her to hold on until I'm off air, so I can get there... I don't know if she thought that was funny or not...

I can just do traffic reports in actual traffic on my way to the hospital, right?

Or I can record a traffic report, like "Everywhere is slow" and just loop it over and over all afternoon, yes?

I'm super excited about seeing a newborn in the hospital again. Especially since I'm not the one giving birth. Phew! :-)

I just visited her on my lunch break. She's got the swanky suite - the best one in the whole ward. Must be a slow baby day at the hospital. The room is HUGE with a big jacuzzi tub. Except for a little plastic baby bassinet, it looks like a hotel. You can tell this is their third kid, too, because all the nurses remember them. And they notice things in the room, like, "Did you guys get new couches?" and the doctor is like "Yeah, we did!"

It's a day of ice chips, crossword puzzles and contractions. Emily makes labor look so easy. She's smiling, talkative and oh-so-cute. I just left the hospital, and already I want to go back and be with her. I'm just watching the clock go tick tick tick.

I'll ask Emily if I can post a picture of her new baby girl once she's born. If she says it's ok, then I'll put it up here with the details as soon as I get them.

Until then, "cleansing breath.... and breathe....breath...chin to chest....breathe!" Good!


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