Thursday, August 23, 2007


I love Wikipedia.

I do not love teething.

I went to Wikipedia and typed in "teething."

I got this:

During teething, the new teeth are breaking through the surface of the gums. Signs of teething may include

Poor mood
Loss of appetite
Chewing of objects
Bruises/swelling in gums
Excess salivation

Um....DUH! This is my life right now. Poor little Olivia is miserable. That picture I posted a week ago? She was in a good mood. The picture you'd see now? A crying, drooling mess. I'm just doing my best to comfort her. All night long. And I mean, Alllllll night long.

Please. Someone. Anyone. Tell me how long this lasts? (Be gentle.)



Brandi said...

OH Sarah....the first teeth are the worst. Olivia just isn't used to this strange pain. Things to try....frozen bagel, frozen wet washcloth, popsicles (juice ones of course). Basically anything that is cold and she can't choke on. Pieces of frozen grapes. Just remember that this too shall pass.
Blessings to you both....
Brandi in Ferndale

Lyndsay said...

I agree the first tooth is the worst and then I guess they become pros at it. The best thing are those natural teething tablets from Hylands. I got them at Bartells and they work! One thing I've tried recently is letting Owen gnaw on beef jerky and he loves it!

Felton/Casey said...

I second the natural teething tablets from Hylands...I buy mine at Safeway, but only some Safeways carry them. Might try Super Supplements too, but they are a winner. My children always hated the numbing gel, so this is what worked for us. Except, be sure to hide them. My youngest seemed to think that they were candy and would always try to sneak away and eat them once he got big enough to break into the diaper bag.