Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I opened my email this morning and found this:


I was just looking at the calendar and noticed National Grandparents Day is fast approaching. This email is to inform you that I am already registered at the following stores for the following items:

Home Depot - Any power tools that don’t bite back during operator error
Boaters World - Possible floatation devices for glasses, hearing aids and hats
Frys Electronics - See if they have a high tech movie camera for a low tech mind

If anything else comes to mind please do not hesitate to call at your earliest convenience.

Kevin (My Step Dad)

What a nut. This email made me laugh out loud. I guess I need to go get him something now! :-) National Grandparents Day is Sunday, Sept. 9th.

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Matt & Eva said...

Ah ha. That's funny! I sent grammy and papa an email from Mackenzie inviting them to breakfast. Seriously, he has a gift registry for this?