Monday, August 18, 2008

Mama and Girly

This picture makes me think of what it will be like when Olivia is a teenager and I say something cheesy and she rolls her eyes and says "Aw, mom!"


Eva Foster said...

I love this. This must be scrapbooked. I'm sorry about her road rash though. Mackenzie has a big scrape on her head from her second mishap of the day today. There were 3!

Mandy McMahan said...

Oh my goodness. Adorable. And beautiful.

We're getting our first family pictures taken hopefully soon. I can't wait!

On an unrelated note, your friends at One Thousand Words Photography took the pictures at my friend's wedding a couple of years ago! They're awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing picture....definitely captures the essence of a child!

Anonymous said...

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