Friday, August 1, 2008

Behind The Scenes

Ever finally met someone face-to-face when you'd previously only corresponded by phone? It's always interesting to meet someone when you know their voice only.

"I thought you'd be taller."
"I thought you'd be shorter."
"I thought you'd be blonde/brunette/etc."

How does one respond to these statements? "Um, thank you?" or "I'm sorry to disappoint you?"

Enter radio.

So, much like a high-school yearbook, here's some pictures we recently took (thank you, Ben!) so you can match the face to the voice.

This is my favorite of Scott.

Beautiful Sam.

And here they are together: Morning Friends Scott & Sam

Matt Case joins you in the middle of your day

Matt hard at work

Tom Pettijohn

Sarah Taylor

When I give Tom "The Look" in the afternoon.

Miss Martha Hadley (7pm - Midnight)

Larry Lomax holds down the Spirt Music Countdown
Saturday Mornings at 10, Sundays at Noon

Photography by


Paulina said...

sarah, you are SO are my favorite dj....hope to meet you someday!

Eva Foster said...

Love the pictures! I love seeing pictures of people whose voices I hear all the time. You are very photogenic, as is Sam!

malerie said...

It's funny to see the faces behind the voices, you're right, everyone looks different than I ever pictured. But you Sarah, you are GORGEOUS!

Catherine said...

I like your hair!!! It looks really good. I wish I could pull off bangs like you can!!

Ben said...

Wow Sarah! Thanks for credits! Most people forget half the time.

It was really wonderful to work with you all. You're a great bunch of people :)