Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Gooooooood Vacation

A trip to Lynden to visit Grandpa was the highlight of our week. Pictured above: Joel and Olivia in my dads backyard. His lawn is as green and soft as a golf course. We walked barefoot and fed the ducks. We slept well until 4:45 am when the frogs started "ribbiting" (croaking?) and the ducks started quacking. The window was stuck open and we couldn't close it. Waking up in Lynden is like waking up on a farm. :-)
Olivia enjoyed watering the "fluuus" (flowers) and running at the City Park. And I was shocked at how well she did in the car for the hour-and-a-half drive.

It was a good trip. Well, that's tied with the start of the Olympics. Joel and I are huge Olympics fans. We love the stories behind each athlete - we get so emotionally invested! My favorite part is watching the reactions of the parents in the stands. They are so proud!
And speaking of proud mama's, as I'm typing this, I'm looking at pictures of my friend Angie's new baby girl. She was born on 8/8/08 - she hit the birthday jackpot. That was another highlight of the vacation: getting the text that said "She's here!" There is nothing like the anticipation of heading to the hospital to meet a newborn baby. I practically skipped down the hallway of the maternity ward to meet this new girl: Zoe Ella Burke. Welcome to the world, little love.

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