Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I was up earlier than I'd like, with Olivia ready to start the day.

We were downstairs on the couch and I was halfway paying attention to her "gibberish" while she played with blocks.

And then I heard it.

Olivia: "Mama."

Me: "WHAT???"

Olivia: "Mama."

Me: *shrieking* "YES! That's right! MAMA! Ohmygosh Olivia! That's right! Mama!!!"

Olivia: "MAMA!" smiles.

I've waited 17 looooong months to hear "Mama." Of course, she's mastered every word BUT Mama, such as "Daddy, Kitty and Hi."

Good things come to those who wait, I guess. I like that she waited until Mothers Day week to spout out "Mama." Best gift ever.


Eva Foster said...

What a sweet sweet sweet gift! Don't you just love it!? Way to go Olivia!! This summer we have to have a play date ok. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
That is wonderful news! It must have been an incredible moment. Olivia is adorable - I loved the flower video - and it sounds like you are doing an awesome job with her. I hope and pray that things just keep getting easier and better for you two. I love listening to your show, and I love your blog. Happy Mother's Day!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

it isn't fair they always say mommy LAST!!!

my three boys all mastered many other words before they used momma!