Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Diamond in the rough

I wish I was this smart when it came to advertising.

Picture 20 or so people, in suits, in a boardroom.

"How are we gonna sell diamonds this year, guys?"

"Yeah. Diamonds for Mothers Day."

Well, how about if we target "mom" and all she does for the family?

"Sure, Gus. Lets do that."

And then the comments begin: What about a new mom who just welcomed her first baby? Or the mom of a toddler who is being potty trained? Or the mom who's kindergartner made an art project? Or what about the Mom who's son just walked through the front door, home from college?

"Sounds great guys, but how are we gonna do all that in 30 seconds?

Well, here you go.

1 comment:

AuntieTiffy said...

that is so cute! i'm gonna have to send that to my mom!