Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Double Socks

I've told you before that my mom watches Olivia during the day. But have I told you that she goes ABOVE and BEYOND by sending me emails and pictures about their adventures? It's the kindest, sweetest thing to open my inbox and find emails like this:


GrannyNanny took me to the park with double socks. But den I met my new friend Christina who was born a few weeks after me. But I wants to run around the park with her! So I runs around with double socks, but I loses da race and Christina wins da race, cause I is only running in my double socks. But den Christina’s mama thinks my mama can’t afford shoes for the little Livvy Bug. Buts I tells her, “No, I has da shoes, but da mama forgots dem just today. Tomorrow I comes to da park wiff my shoes, Christina, and I will win our race, tomorrow!”

Luv, Your shoeless baby girl Little Livvy Bug

PS I shares my Rice Rusk with Christina and now her mama is going to go to the store and buy some. I shares, mama, I shares my Rice Rusk. But I don’t shares my pine cones, those are MINE!


Anonymous said...


You are truly an inspiring working mother. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful perspective with all of us. It is a blessing to listen to you on SPIRIT and to read your blog!


AuntieTiffy said...

That picture is so cute!!! what a sweet mom you have to keep you so updated! i'm so glad she is sharing, haha. sounds like you have a great girl