Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hand Popsicles

Olivia is a delightful baby. She's smiling and saying "gooo" and very alert. And she's discovered her hands now. They are almost always in her mouth, so my mom dubbed them "Hand Popsicles." It's funny to put her in her cradle and hear "suck suck suck" and look over and find little Olivia just going to town on her hand popsicles. Drool everywhere.

Shes so much fun right now. She's sleeping for longer stretches at night, which is a sweet taste of heaven. She loves bathtime and hates being dressed. Trying to put her little arms through anything is a challenge. She locks them up and won't bend at the elbows. It's like she has little sticks for arms that go straight out. I think it's a game for her now when I'm trying to dress her in the morning.

She's doing great with Grandma each day while I'm at work. And, she's taking a bottle! I get so excited to see her as soon as I'm off work. I just smother her with kisses when I walk through the door to my parents house. And then she gets smothered again when I bring her home to Joel. He always comes down to meet us at the garage and take her baby seat out of the car. It's great, because that thing is getting really heavy to haul around.

I'm so glad to be back at work. I have missed Spirit so much! The music, the laughter and the people - it's just a good place to be. And I'm so thankful to share it all with you.



montana_28 said...


I'm a listener via the Internet... from Montana and also a father of three (2 boys and 1 girl) and I felt I should drop you a line and tell you Olivia is adorable! What a blessing!!! I enjoy listening to you and Tom along with the rest of the crew at Spirit! Thank you!!


Dara said...

Boy, has Olivia changed since her birthday photo! It's amazing to watch them evolve over the days, weeks and months. Thanks for opening up your experience to the rest of us. And yes, it's nice to hear your 'perky' voice on the radio again. Olivia's a beauty!

Leeners said...

She is so beautiful!

gabi said...


Olivia is soooo Gorgeous!
she must be such a blessing for you and your family.

take care & God bless!