Thursday, March 1, 2007

Me and My Girl

I love to snuggle this child. I sniff her head when I drop her off at Grandmas before I go, because I love the way she smells. It's like lavender baby soap. I snuggle my nose into her neck and kiss her chubby cheeks and wiggle my nose against hers. Then I sniff her again because I just can't seem to get enough. :-)


Island Girl said...


You and Olivia look spectacular!!! Enjoy every minute of her.


Leeners said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Babies do smell so good :)

momma's little monster said...

She is adorable! My Son is 6 weeks old and I can totally relate to what you write. Babies are truly the best! Congrats!

Julia said...

aaawww!!! Olivia is sooo cute! i always love warm clothes right out of the dryer too!!! -it makes me wanna fall asleep in them, not fold them!!!!
i love the smell of babies too!!! -and their skin is sooo soft too!!!! -i love babies!!!! -i didn't even mind changing my little brothers diapers...!!!
Olivias soo cute!!!! -now i know what you look like! -i had an idea, but now i know!!!! -u look exactly the way i thought you would too!!!! ur soo funny on the radio !!!! -i love you!!!! (as a sister in Christ!!!) Julia-15 yrs. old smiles!!!! keep encouraging people on the radio!!!! -i love listening!!!