Monday, February 19, 2007

A kitty friend

Well, I'm back at work! And Olivia is happy at Grandmas. To keep me from having Olivia-withdrawals, my mom sends me pictures of what she's doing. Here's todays: Olivia and the kitty, Ellie. They are both fighting over who gets the bouncy seat. Cute!

Thank you for your advise about the bottles - I've received dozens of emails and great ideas. Thankfully, Olivia IS taking the bottle today at Grandmas. I'm so relieved! Hopefully she will continue to do it - I'll keep you posted.

It's great to be back at Spirit. I've missed Tom and I've missed YOU. Please call and say hello in the afternoons. Our studio line is 1-877-275-1053.




Leeners said...

Ohmygosh, that is sooo adorable!!

Rebeca said...

hi! I'm from Brasil, and since I started to listen to international (in my case) christian songs, I searched the internet on christian radios. I found you guys and most of the time that I have online I listen to you live...It's so cool, despite the time difference! and now, looking at your daughter's pics, I feel more part of the family, even though I'm, what, 15,000 km from Seattle...congratulations on your child, may she be blessed and be a blessing to you, just like Solomon says in the Proverbs! and, I got impressed! looking at her first pics, she didn't look like a newborn, but an older Brasil, there's an expression that people say: children usually has "knee" face when is born, hehehe...yours didn't! well, just wanna say hi and congratulations...bye!

thatXoneXbassXchick said...

Spirit listener, mom of 6, and photographer LOVES your black and whites of baby and mommy. Oh you will be so happy to have taken the time to have those pictures done. I'm telling you, those are some sweet tender moments you've shared with us all. : ) Blessings, Brenda Ulinski, Bella Photography - Arlington

Jenae said...

She is so cute...Its adorable how there both sharing the same seat and both so comfortable with each other that there both asleep!!!

gabi said...

wow sarah!!!!

that is one ADORABLE photo!!!!!!!
i just luv it.
welcome back to spirit and i hope to get a chance to hear u soon on air!

God Bless u & ur family!!!