Friday, February 16, 2007


Time flies when you have a newborn. I've been meaning to update this journal! Seems like whenever I try to find the time, I have my hands full of onesies that need to be washed and a baby that needs a bath.

But I have some news... I'll be back on-air Monday! Yep! Olivia will be seven weeks old, and thankfully Grandma has time to watch her in the afternoons. Olivia loves Grandma-time anyways, because Grandma is always full of smiles and energy when I get burnt out. It's like a mini-vacation everyday for Olivia, I doubt she'll even know I'm away for a few hours. Plus, I'm looking forward to having some adult interaction. Don't get me wrong, talking baby-talk is great, but I'm excited to wear work clothes instead of sweatpants and have Starbucks before my shift again.

However, I do need some advise from you! A little help in the bottle department. Olivia does not like to take a bottle. She usually gets really mad and refuses. She cries and gets herself all worked up and finally falls asleep from exhaustion. We've tried different types of bottles and she doesn't seem to have a preference - all frustrate her. Any suggestions? How did you get your baby to take a bottle when you went back to work? You can leave a comment here, or if you want, you can email me: Thank you so much!

I look forward to being back on-air with you on Monday. Talk soon!



Leeners said...

I sent you a mail with some suggestions. Good luck!

Island Girl said...

First of all WELCOME BACK Sarah! It will be great to hear your voice again.

As far as precious little Olivia - pick one type of nipple and stick with it (consistency is KEY!) I promise you she will NOT let herself starve, when she is hungry enough she will drink from a bottle. Yes, it will be hard, especially hearing her get frustrated and angry, but she will learn/teach herself to drink from a bottle. Just be persistant and she will eventually take to a bottle.

Not only do I have 5 children I also raise goats. Last year the day before I left for Paris one of my does gave birth to twins girls (Café Blanc and Café Noir). I generally bottle feed all of my babies from birth (goat babies that is). To make it easier on my husband while I was gone I told him to just let the mom (Latté) nurse her babies and I would switch them over to bottles when I came home. I started to switch Blanc & Noir over at about 3 weeks. Noir took to bottle right away. Blanc was so stubborn! It took 36 hours but she FINALLY took the bottle.

I know goats aren't the same as humans, but the system works for both.

Best of luck.