Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm enjoying Olivias increasing vocabulary.

"Mama glasses."

"Daddy phone."

"Kitty Boots." (Joel bought her a pair of "Hello Kitty" boots which she looooves)

"Purple Keey" (blanket)

"Ah kitty go?" (Where'd kitty go?)

Olivia has also named herself "DeeDee." I think O-Liv-EE-Ah is too hard for her to pronounce. Plus, she's always called babies "deedees" so, in her baby mind, since she is a baby, she is a deedee, therefore she calls herself "DeeDee." I think it's funny, and so does Joel, so we have honored her new request and begun to refer to her as such.

And the other night, I uttered a sentence I'm sure I've never said before in my life.

Olivia was in the other room, playing quietly. Too quietly. I heard a "plop" and then an "uh-oh" and then more silence.

I found her in the bathroom, with a little Beanie Baby stuffed elephant that Joel brought her back from Alaska. It was soaking wet. (And you need to know that in our house, we call elephants "Fuuuus" because thats the sound me make as we put our arm to our nose and raise it high: "Fuuuuu!")

So here comes the sentence that I'm pretty sure no one has ever strung together until this weekend:

"No No, Dee Dee. No No. We do not dunk our Fuus in the toilets."


Emily. said...

Hahahaha...ah, DeeDee and her Fuuu. Yes, welcome to the world of Momese. :) Here's something I say on a daily basis..."Go get your boo banky and I'll get you some sip and oatneal, oatneal." Don't ask.

Channah and Boots said...

Oh cuuutee!! My nephew Charles named himself DeeDee as well and we still call him that. Ha must be a fun name to say!!

malerie said...

Haha! I love it. My brother Andrew was a Deedee too.

Angela said...

He he he. Eva calls Olivia "O-DI-da" (she calls Lilly "Yi-yi". :)

Amy H said...

Hi... That is way too funny. I have four kids, and they are always doing things like that. My youngest baby is 19 months and finds tons of enjoyment out of plopping toys in the toilet. I have to make sure and check the toilet before anyone uses it.
As for the new words. I got some great advice from my Mother-in-law to make a notebook/journal of the cute/funny things the kids say, which for me would be good because I think I am going to remember, but an hour later, I am like ' what did they say again?'

The Davis Chronicles said...

Olivia is adorable! I hope you're enjoying these fun times with her!! It's get better and better!

~ Cat

The Davis Chronicles said...

Olivia is adorable! I hope you're enjoying these fun times with her!! It gets better and better! I love the things toddlers think of and the trouble they can get themselves into! It's such a delightful and enjoyable age!

~ Cat