Monday, September 29, 2008

Too Early? Nah.

My good friends Angie and Ashley are creative beyond creative.

Don't tell them, but I seriously copy everything they do. Ashley gets a new wrap-style baby sling? Me too. Angie goes all-cloth on diapers? Me too. Ashley makes Polenta Lagsana? Me too. (read: I'm hip.)

In addition to being fabulous women, they are fabulous photographers. I fell in love with their work when I was parusing the internet, awaiting a shiny ring on my left finger. Yes...I booked my wedding photographers before I was technically engaged. I know, I know... I know. I couldn't help myself. They were that good.

They also took pictures of Olivia when she was 12 days old. I am so grateful for those pictures, because I don't remember them being taken! I was so tired and hormonal that it all went by in a haze, and now I look back at the black & white shots of mother and daughter and I sigh because at least I have those memories on film. (Yes, Angie and Ashley still shoot with film. I love them.)

So they are doing cute Christmas cards this year, and unbeknownst to me, they used our family as an example on their blog. So I figured I would show the pictures to you, because I think I'm going to order my Christmas cards this year.

Here you go:

So sweet! Makes me ready for Christmas!


Mandy McMahan said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Beautiful. Seriously beautiful. I have also loved Angie and Ashley's work. They took my friend's wedding pictures, too.

And of course, my dream is to be a photographer someday so they're awesome inspiration, too.

You are going to have the BEST ever Christmas cards this year.

Joel said...

It's good thing my friends don't read blogs. I look too clean in those pictures. The only thing those pictures are missing is another little one, and maybe a happy dog or something.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful. Your happiness radiates on air and on photo. Note to self: time to get juicer and photographer friends.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

those are gorgeous! seriously, i'm coveting (in a sweet christian way!) :)

got a juiceman... i need some recipes! can't wait to juice something up!

malerie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous family! That is the most spectacular family photo Christmas card I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Who does your hair for your photo shoots? It's gorgeous!