Monday, September 29, 2008

I Get It Now

If you don't have kids, ignore this post. It will not pertain to you, and you will think it's stupid. Seriously, just stop reading.

Ok - for those of you still with me here - I have to say, we hit another milestone tonight. It was simple and beautiful and smelly.

Olivia was in the livingroom. We were playing with toys. She squats down and smiles and looks at me and says "Poo Poo."

I didn't even know she knew the word.

Then, it dawns on me. Perhaps she not only knows the word, but knows what it means.

Diaper check.


I laugh and smile and clap and jump up and down and say "Olivia! Yes! That's Poo Poo!" Olivia cracked up. "Poo Poo!" she says, clapping.

(Please tell me you are not still reading if you do not have kids and therefore are disgusted by my rambling.)

I don't know why this seemed like such a big deal... I guess it was the fact that she did it unprompted. A lot of times we "coach" her to say things... like "What does a cow say?" or "Can you say please?"

Leave it to my 21-month-old to come up with Poo Poo all on her own.

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