Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Chosen One

If you have kids, you know that everything can be classified in "stages." The fussy/colic stage, the crawling stage, the clinging stage, etc. If I had to name the stage of life we are in right now, I'd name it "GrandPo is my BEST FRIEND stage." Olivia is attached to her "GrandPo" like white-on-rice. When he walks in the room, everything stops and she drops her toys and squeals with glee. Dare I say, if GrandPo and I were to walk in the room together, she'd take one look at me (the Mama) and one look at Kevin (the GrandPo) and make her pick - GrandPo all the way.

Needless to say: GrandPo eats it up. I think he thinks he's superman. I think he thinks he wears a red cape, and can fly. I don't have the heart to tell him that it might just be a stage. :-)


Emily.Elaine said...

Hey Sarah! Love to listen to you and Tom during my commute! What an encouragement! I have a 17 month old son who LOVES his grandpa, and if they (either one)had to pick ONE family member, they'd choose eachother :) I'm a single mom, so it is awesome for me to see such an amazing, godly role model for my son. I hope your lovely Olivia always adores her grandpa this much. It is a rare and wonderful blessing from the Lord to be loved by a child that way! God bless!

livnlrn said...

Hi Sarah!I am a grandma of two almost 4 yrs old grandchildren, one boy-Ethan, one girl-Rowan. Ethan lives 3 hrs away and we don't see him as often, but Rowan and her moma, live with us in a mother-in-law apt down stairs. When my daughter went to work, the first year of working after the baby was born, grandpa (papa)got the privilege of babysitting. He is a natural teacher and turned everything into a teaching opportunity. Rowan and papa are very connected. Rowan is beginning to read and had learned her numbers and alphabet at a very early age. So it may not be a stage is what I'm trying to say. Beside’s Sarah you've been blessed to give you parents there first grandchild. There is something special about that, no one else will be the first.

Thank you & Tom for sharing your lives with us every afternoon, I feel like I know you and we've never met! God Bless you and yours!