Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting To Know You

So I'm super excited about the new season of "The Office."

You feel me?

What show are you loving right now?


Lyndsay said...

Prison Break! I'm so happy it's back on.

Matt & Eva said...

I do like the office however, it took me a while to get into it. I am a grey's anatomy fanatic. I will stop at nothing to watch it. I'm so glad I have no class tomorrow, I can study all day and then reward myself by watching g.a. Of course I'll be spending time with Mac also ya know. Got to get her started on that show early!

malerie said...

Me too! Tonight can't come soon enough!

Steve said...

Yep, I love it. It's funny, but having been brought up on the British version (being a Brit!), I actually now prefer the American version!

Margaret said...

Throughly enjoy Dancing with the Stars. Think it's amazing that they haven't danced before & do it so beautifully. All winners!!!
Also like Grays Anatomy which started last night. And always watch Wheel of Fortune, like to see their delight in winning.

Meri said...

Om my goodness!!!! Yes! The office is amazzing! God bless ya! Makes me wanna listen 2 spirit evn more now that I know there is an office fan... He he he, one thing I love for: Thursday night: Office.
"Fact Bears eat Beets!" Hehehe