Monday, March 26, 2007

In The Blink Of An Eye

Could it be? My baby is three months old already? She's already grown out of her newborn diapers, and the size ones... and now she's in size twos. Seriously... Make time slow down!

This girl weighs 14 pounds, and my arms can feel the difference when I carry her carseat. She doesn't fit in her baby bathtub anymore, and my back feels the difference when I'm leaning over the regular-size tub. Her newborn nightgowns are already in rubbermaid storage bins and moving into the garage. Time is going by too fast, and there are still clothes with tags on them that she's never had the chance to wear. Thankfully my sister-in-law is pregnant (woohoo!) and I'll be able to pass some things on.

Basically, I'm just trying to keep up. Savor the moments. Capture them on film, if possible. I tell myself to enjoy each stage as it quickly comes and too quickly passes. And I say "Thank You, God!!!" prayers every chance I get.


Chelsea said...

Olivia is so beautiful! It was adorable to hear her on the radio today. I hope that you are able to enjoy and remember every precious moment with her.

Leeners said...

Wow, she is getting big and she looks a lot like you! Absolutely adorable :o)

They do grow too fast, I'm glad to hear that you are taking the time to enjoy each phase and capture the moments on film. You'll be grateful for that later!

Tootie_bug said...


She is absolutely adorable.

I have a little suggestion that would help you at Olivia's bath time. My family has used this trick for years. If your kitchen sink is big enough, try bathing Olivia there. It would help on your back. You get a clean baby and your back is spared the pain of having to lean over the bathroom tub.

Good luck. God bless and keep you all.


Amy said...

Oh Sarah!
She is just gorgeous! I agree that time flies like crazy, my little boy is already 21 months old and I wonder where my newborn went. I just love looking in his adorable face and realizing just how much the Lord loves us. Enjoy your beautiful baby girl!

Tara said...

Olivia is beautiful! We are so happy for you - mothering is the best gift! We have 6 children and our 6th was born just a few weeks before Olivia. I have enjoyed reading about your journey becoming a mom. You had a question about getting Olivia to sleep in her crib - have you tried putting her on her tummy? Our newest one does not like to sleep on his back either but will fall asleep almost instantly on his tummy and one of our older sons was the same way. I know they say back to sleep but if she can lay on her tummy and hold her head up then she can sleep on her tummy. Children are all made different and I think some are just mor comortable on their tummies. Pray about it and ask for God to show you what to do. I would also recomend the magazine Above Rubies, it is put out by a wonderful Christian Grandma who has lots of parenting experience herself. You can check out there website at - it is the best parenting magazine I have found and trust me I've read alot! :) I just finished a wonderful article called Motherhood bliss in issue # 70 - you can request back issues at their website. I hope this helps have a wonderful day - I pray that you will find some info that will help and for peace for your family and healing for your Grandma. Have a blessed day!
Tara <><

Matt & Eva said...

I am officially in your shoes now. Mac has soooo many cute summer dresses that she never got to wear as they were all too big until now. Darn it! She is finally outgrowing things but she has yet to hit 13lbs!