Sunday, January 14, 2007

Two Weeks

Happy two week birthday to Olivia! We celebrated by taking some newborn pictures. Our friends, Angie and Ashley, came over and snapped up a few rolls. We used a whole lot of film! Olivia was very good through the whole photoshoot - I was impressed. She put up with us going "oooh, so cute!" and "look at that little foot!" and "ooooo, cute sneeze!" and so on. A bunch of giggling girls in the living room.

Right now Olivia is asleep on dad's shoulder watching the Seahawks game. He's explaining football to her, and I think that's why she fell asleep. She loves to sleep during the day (go figure) and is enjoying staying awake at night. I'd like to switch that up - and soon. I'm still amazed at the lack of sleep I'm functioning on. It makes my brain all fuzzy and I can hardly remember simple details during the day. I'll walk into a room and have no clue what I went in there for. I seriously feel like my IQ has gone down 20 or 30 notches! I need to start doing some crossword puzzles or Soduku or something to get my brain waves back up!

I'll post some more of the photoshoot pictures as soon as I figure out how to put more than one at a time on here. :-)

P.S. To see more of Angie and Ashley's work, you can visit their website at

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Dara said...

I will never have children, but I will enjoy watching Olivia grow up through your words and pictures. I can feel your JOY!