Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Yep, still pregnant.

I'm pretty uncomfortable at this point... two days away from my due date. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty grumpy all the time! Case in point - I got mad yesterday about onions. You ready for this?

My mom makes this dish that I call "Cheesy Potatoes." I'm not sure what the real name is, but that doesn't matter right now. Just know that it involves hashbrowns, lots of cheese and creamy stuff, and crispy cornflakes on the top. It's like a casserole and it's my favorite meal in the world. Well, the actual recipe calls for diced onions, but ever since I was little, I would beg my mom not to put them in. I can't stand onions.

So for Christmas this year, I asked for "Cheesy Potatoes, non-onion, please." And yesterday I came over to find a big batch fresh out of the oven! I scooped some onto my plate and noticed that some of those hashbrowns looked a little... "oniony." I said, "Mom. Did you...." and before I could finish my sentence, she said "No, Sarah, there's no onions."

So I took a bite. A big, cheesy, cornflaky...ONIONY... bite. I could taste them. I knew she snuck some in! (She's been known to do it in the past...) I looked at her with big, wide eyes and she knew she was caught.

She started laughing (which made me mad!) and she was like "Sarah, my word. Seriously. I put one tablespoon of a sweet onion in for flavor! You are like the princess and the pea."

My husband saw what was beginning to become a Christmas disaster and he stepped in and took my plate of Onion potatoes. He smiled and said "Mmmm, Delicious!" and started eating.

Now here's the kicker - Normally, I would have been fine. I would have smiled and said it was no big deal and even laughed a little. But I must have gotten a fresh batch of pregnancy hormones that morning for Christmas - because my eyes started welling up with tears! How ridiculous, I know! Over an onion!!!!!! What is wrong with me????

My mom felt so bad. And then I felt even more bad for making her feel bad! She said she'd make me a fresh batch of cheesy potatoes and I could come and get them tomorrow (which is now today.) I told her that wasn't necessary, but she insisted.

So over I came this morning, and I walked into the kitchen and my mom started laughing hysterically. She was at the kitchen counter, putting hashbrowns into a few bowls. "I've been caught again!" she said. "I give up!"

Turns out, when she went to the store to buy the hashbrowns for my special "non-onion" batch, she accidentally bought something called "Hashbrowns O'Brien" which has onions and peppers in it automatically! So I found her in the kitchen, sorting out tiny frozen potatoes and onions, one by one, into two separate bowls. She was trying to separate each microscopic piece to make up for yesterday! It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen - she was trying so hard. She even had her reading glasses on so she could see better! I was like "Aw, Mom! It's ok!" and she smiled and said "Do you have any idea how hard it is to distinguish between a tiny frozen hashbrown piece and a tiny frozen onion flake?"

We decided then and there to give up on Cheesy Potatoes. :-) It's just not going to happen. Not this year, at least.

It's so embarrassing writing that story! I mean, I know onions make people tear up, but usually not in the way that I just described! But the story is true, and I hope you're amused, because this is my life. :-)

Two more days until Olivia, (hopefully!)


WhidbeyGirl said...

Oh Sarah!!!!!!!! ((((((BIG HUGS)))))) Olivia will be in your arms in no time. I pray peace, patience and endurance for you sweet Sarah.
Some things that have worked for me and others:

1. Eggplant Parmigiana (sp) from Olive Garden. Serves two purposes - one you have a great date with your husband and two if you are close it will help labor start.
2. Pineapple - can't remember what's in it but there is something that will help bring on labor.
3. Blue & Black Cohosh tinctures - the capsules do nothing you need the tinctures (sp).


Leeners said...

Oh honey, you poor thing! I can't even imagine what it would be like to be overly emotional from the hormones, I'm already overly emotional! Want to hear my embarassing story?

I was at my Mama's house yesterday for a Christmas dinner with her and my siblings. Now, I HATE having my picture taken but usually I might just whine a little and be done with it. Not yesterday, I just started crying and couldn't stop, it was horrible. All over having to have my picture taken. I felt like I was about 2 and thought of all the crying little kids at the picture shop next to the bookstore I worked at in high school!

Also, the whole onion thing totally reminds me of my best friend Sheri, she HATES onions. When we were in college we'd be eating something like lasagna and I wouldn't even notice the onions and she'd have this whole pile of em on her plate because she always picked out every single one. Haha!

Anyways, hang in there, I'm praying for you, Joel, and little Olivia.

God bless,
Alena Lorraine

cryonv said...

Alright Sarah!!!
It's good to know that everything has been coming along, and that she's almost here! Can't wait to hear all about it! Keep smiling, praisin', and prayin'!


Eva said...

It's going to be alright! I absolutely LOVE that dish and I can't stand the onions in it either. Since I'm the one that makes it, I leave them out. I see no difference in flavor. I just put more cheese in! I always pick onions out of everything. No matter what. Matt makes fun of me for it. I can't wait to hear when you deliver! I've been checking the site for an update and I know there will be one soon!! You're in my prayers hon.

Julie said...

{{{{{{Sarah}}}}}}}Hugs to you and Olivia, it's soooo hard to wait to see their cute faces.

The onion story gave me the giggles, I am guilty like your Mother of putting onions in casseroles despite the opposition (my middle son). I only wish I could have seen her picking out those little bitty pieces , , , that is LOVE!!!

Olivia will be here soon, right now you know what she's doing and where she is, don't have to pack to take her with you so go out for dinner or a movie. Can't wait for pictures of that sweet babe!

Gods Blessings ~

Nan said...

I TOTALLY understand the pregnancy and emotion stuff. You'll get through this, and the BEST PART? -when you see that precious little one, all the annoying 'stuff' from your journey, will be GONE and FORGOTTEN! YAY!

Praying that Olivia comes SOON..I know you're ready to hold her a different way!

You're going to be a GREAT mom!


elizabeth said...

Sarah- I am expecting a baby this coming July so I am still in the early "that is so gross!!" stage.
My husband was cooking one of my most favorite meals as a suprize for me one night when I was not feeling very well. I was upstairs resting and he yelled up that dinner was ready and as I came down the stairs, the smell was so overwhelmingly bad that I said "Honey, I don't know what you're trying to make but it smell absolutely retched!" He had the saddest puppy dog face I have ever seen. So I asked what he was trying to make and he said " Only your favorite( which is spegetti and meatballs) but we can go out to eat if you want to." I felt so bad that I started crying then he felt bad for making me cry. Needless to say I still couldn't eat my favorite dinner in the whole world but I did give him a big hug and kiss for trying. So as you can see we all experience these wonderful things called hormones. Congratulations on your new girl Olivia!!

Stephanie said...

I am so happy for you that Olivia is finally here! What a way to start the new year.
I totally laughed and cried at your onion story. I have never been a big fan of onions and when I was pregnant, I could absolutly not tolerate them. I went into labor on Veterans day, and since it was a holiday the cafeteria at the hospital was not open. My husband made a sandwich run for my Mom, Grandma and Sister who were all there with me. While he was gone, my labor went from mild to wild! He also got a flat tire! No kidding! He finally arrived back with sandwiches, he handed out the sandwihes.My 83 year old grandmother was eating a sandwich with so many onions, I could smell them across the room. I started to feel so sick. So I said to my Mom, "Does Grandma have onions on her sandwich?" She totally denied it,my nose told me that I was not wrong. I said " are you sure?" She then fessed up and said, yes but could I handle it? LOL. Could I handle it? Really? LOL. Well, I did, I dont know how. I still laugh, as we all do about my mom asking me in labor to deal with the onions. If ever there was an "all about me" moment, labor is. My mom feels so bad about it, she still gets a little embarassed, she just shakes her head and says "what was I thinking?" We are over it now, but I still dont like the smell or taste of onions. My mom makes sure she leaves them out of almost everything or asks for my input now. It seems she's trying to make it up to me. =) I pick cabbage out of my son's salad's and a I am sure you'll pick something out for Olivia as well. When we love, we do those little things for our children. Just like God does for us.
God Bless you and your family.