Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"It's NOT a vacation!"

Happy Wednesday! Do you have all your Christmas shopping done? Are your kids getting excited??? There's only, like, 12 more days to go! Man, it came around fast this year!

I'm writing to let you know that this Friday (Dec 15th) is my last day before I start maternity leave. So funny, people around the office keep asking when my "Vacation" starts - and I'm like.... "I don't know what you think I'm planning on doing for the next 6 weeks, but a tropical vacation isn't one of them." In fact, I'm going to miss Spirit so much! I love coming here everyday, so chances are, I'll probably just start bringing Olivia in once or twice a week after we get our "newborn/mom" routine down. I'll drop by and hang out with Tom and keep you updated on how things are going. I'll try and get Olivia to make little-baby-noises on-air for her radio debut :-) AND I can't wait to put little Olivia in Tom's arms and see him try and hold a baby! Now THAT'S going to be a sight! Remind me to bring my camera.

Now, I don't have Internet at home (Old-fashioned, I know) but I will keep up with this journal somehow. I might have Joel post for me, or my mom, and that way you can get some different perspectives from Olivia's dad and grandma. I might be too tired to type anyways!

Thank you so much for your prayers and comments - it blesses my heart! I look forward to sharing Olivia's birth story with you and posting newborn pictures. It won't be too much longer...



gabi said...

hey sarah,

i luv that picture of u and tom!!!!:) anywayz i like ur idea of ur husband and grandma pitching in with the journal...i enjoy reading them soooo much!...anywayz i cant wait to see pictures of Olivia!! if she looks like u, shes gotta be one CUTE baby, cause u r so pretty:D:D:D:D:D
well i hope u write ur next entry soon! God bless and take care!!!!


Tessa said...

Have fun on maternity leave! Though we will miss hearing you on air, enjoy every minute of it! Mine went by so fast last year-before you know it you will be wishing little Olivia would 'cuddle like she used to'!! :)
God bless and Merry Christmas!

Terri said...

BLESS you, BLESS your husband,and Bless your new baby girl. May God's hand be on you all.Have a very Merry Christmas:) Terri

Chelsea said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for sharing all the amazing moments of your life with us. You have been a blessing. Best wishes for everything to go smoothly these last few weeks.

Merry Christmas!


Nan said...

Hi Sarah,

You're right it's NOT a vacation! I'm with you! Enjoy EVERY MINUTE with that baby! I know you look forward to holding her in a different way! You will be a WONDERFUL mother! I'm so happy for you! We look forward to the updates from your mom and your husband! (and from you at some point!)


Nan said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm with you, it's NOT a vacation! It's time off to spend with your new, precious baby! We're anxious to hear that she's arrived! Enjoy every moment, because they grow SO quickly!