Friday, December 8, 2006

Behind the Scenes

So this is our studio. Correction: This is me asleep in our studio. :-)

I'm exhausted today. Probably because it's Friday - and probably because I can't sleep at night anymore. It's the weirdest thing - because I TRY so hard to sleep, and I just lay there awake. I honestly think it's because I'm so excited. You know that feeling? Like the night before Christmas, or the night before the first day of school, or the night before your birthday as a little kid. I feel like it's "THAT" night, every night. And it keeps me up! So funny.

I'm gonna get lots of rest tonight though - because tomorrow we're gonna be out-and-about at Famous Footwear in Lynnwood. Fun! If you're in the area, please stop by! We'll be there from Noon - 2 pm and I would love to meet you. I'll be picking out some slippers and baby booties and I've got several Famous Footwear giftcards to give away... so join us! (See the Spirit 1053 website for directions)

Ok, back to my nap...



Maggie said...

Hey Sarah,

It's Maggie again. Yep. I can totally understand what you're feeling (the lack of sleep part). I had about 6 hours of chemistry homework last night (it's intense) + 4 hours of homework. Let's just say, for the past week, my bedtime has been too late. So I'll be praying for lot's of rest for you! Lots and lots! And if you read this by tomarrow, and wouldn't mind praying for my interview tomarrow to be an exchange student...


Sara said...

As I sit and listen to you each day I get excited for what is to come, at any unexpecting moment. Just three months ago I was in your very shoes, waiting, in anticipation for that day to arrive. Motherhood is something beautiful to behold. There were so many things I didn't expect that I wanted to share with you and pray over you with: pray for your heart before Olivia arrives; for peace, protection and freedom from fear: A struggle I had, and didn't expect when my son arrived. Know that God will give you every bit of energy, peace, love and strength you need to surpass each they arrive. You will lack the abundance, but know you will have the measure you need as you need it. Also, some fall in love with their babies the second they are born, others, like myself, fall in love gradually. I am confident that is ok. He is nearing three months old (He was a wee bit late) and I love him more than I could have imagined. Know that every day will get easier, as you gain confidence and baby Olivia makes her home in this big world. Prayers over you, your husband and your sweet daughter and blessings in abundance as you embark upon the most amazing experiences of your life. It is a journey..step by step. Little by Little. You don't need to have it all figured out and you don't need to feel any certain way other than confident of who you are in Christ. Of course, and who He is to you. Love to you! Sara

gabi said...

hey sarah!

just wanted to say hi and tell u to get bunches of sleep before ur big the way, do u have a middle name picked out for Olivia yet???

lots of love,

annie said...

This lack of sleep you're learning to deal with now is training for when your bundle of joy arrives! God is brilliant in His design! He makes them lightweight, so we can build up the muscle, too! 8+)
It's been such a joy going thru this pregnancy with you. God bless you, and Joel, and Olivia, when she graces us with her presence. (but don't rush it - she's easier to pack around the way she is right now - TRUST ME!!)
Hugs, and God Bless!
Merry Christmas!!
Annie (mom to 2 - 15yr old, 5yr old)