Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Take a picture, it'll last longer

So today I got cornered in the hallway at work for an impromptu photo shoot. (Thanks alot, Kenna!)

Remember Hollie? She did the morning traffic with Scott and Sam - and now she's off living the dream in New York City! (We miss her!) Well, I guess she emailed some staff members, asking them to secretly snap a photo of me and this belly so she could see my progress now that I'm in the home stretch of pregnancy.

Imagine my surprise to be ambushed by paparazzi (Kenna, our community relations gal) as I made my way to the copy machine. SNAP! FLASH! She caught me.

See, I haven't felt so photogenic lately. Don't get me wrong; I love being pregnant, and I love this belly. But sometimes.....ok, alot of times, I'd rather not have the moment documented on film. Lately, I just haven't felt myself. I'm usually so exhausted in the morning that all I can muster is a messy ponytail in my hair and one of the same sweaters the staff has seen me in for the past few weeks (my wardrobe is severely limited these days.)

But.....Oh well. I'm gonna look on the bright side - because part of me is glad to have been ambushed by a camera. Why? Because I hear that someday I'll look back and treasure the photo. And hopefully by posting the picture I can encourage you if you're a little camera shy around the Holidays. Take the pictures with family and friends, even if you aren't feeling your most glamorous. Because someday you'll look back and be thankful to have captured the moment. At least, that's what I keep telling myself! :-)



Ladybug said...
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IslandGirl said...


You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Linda Broyles

Kelly said...

You look beautiful, Sarah!:)

I've been thinking about you, since with 2 of my pregnancies, I was due Dec. 16th and Dec. 15th. I was born 3 weeks early, just like you, and my first baby was born 3 weeks early.:); the second one, 2 weeks early; and my twins, 4 weeks early. I figured out that if each of my pregnancies had gone to 40 weeks, each baby would have weighed about 9 lbs. Probably okay for the singletons, but for the twins?! Yikes! 18 lbs of baby on my 4'll" frame would have been something. But, God is so good about giving us the right babies for our bodies.:)
Good luck to you...I'll keep you in my prayers.:)