Thursday, November 16, 2006

Six more weeks to go!

A few friends of mine have been encouraging me to start a journal about my impending motherhood. Sooooooo... well, here I am. :-)

There are about six weeks left in this pregnancy (I'm due right around Christmas) and I feel as though I'm losing my mind! I am so excited about this baby... I can hardly wait to meet her! I feel like a little kid at Christmastime with an advent calender, just counting down the days. I'm glad the holidays are close (Thanksgiving is a week away! MMMmmmm) because that will help to pass the time. My belly is big and round like a basketball and I laugh when I catch glimpses of my reflection in darkened windows. My belly sticks out in all it's glory and I just love it.

It's hard to imagine what this little girl looks like - this ultrasound picture hardly does her justice. Yes, I can make out facial features and her little hand. (Doesn't it look like she's waving "Hello?") But to see her in person, face to face...I think that's what I'm most excited about. The moment I see her for the first time. I wonder if she'll have dark hair? I was born with a big ol' mop of black hair and then it all fell out and turned blonde. I was also born three weeks early - I wonder if this baby will do the same?

I'm glad Tom Pettijohn has patience with me during our on-air shifts! Sometimes I get cranky or moody and he's doing quite well with it! I'm sure that it's good practice for him - you know, if he and his wife decide to have kids anytime soon - because he'll be prepared for when Celeste (his wife) has the same wild mood swings. :-)

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for taking the time to read this - I look forward to posting more in the next few weeks. Feel free to comment and leave advice - it's very welcome! I'll take as much as I can get!



Celeste said...

Yup, I'm glad he's getting practice. I'm glad you're posting. So cool! I'm glad we can work together! Love ya!

Jen said...

What a precious precious photo! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! I haven't seen one quite like it. I've only seen the black and white one's that are tough to make out. So thank you for sharing this with us!

Hopeskiss said...

Congrats! You are going to love being a mom! My youngest sister who had issues with infertility just sent her Christmas card to me...with a sonogram picture of my new niece or nephew. Due July 3rd.
Thank you for sharing your blog....looking forward to hearing baby coos on the air!