Monday, November 27, 2006

Let it SNOW!

I'm such a fan of the snow! When I was a little girl, I'd crawl into my parents bed at 5 am and turn on the news...watching and waiting for my school to be among the list of closures. I'd squeal with delight when I realized my day would be filled with snowmen and sleds instead of math and books. As soon as the sun came up, I'd run out and grab every neighborhood kid I could find and off we'd go into the winter wonderland. The only thing that could lure us inside was hot chocolate!

Even now that I'm older, I'm still in love with the snow! Yesterday I felt so motivated by our little blizzard that I put up the Christmas tree (all the while listening to Spirit 105.3, of course). Given that this is Joel and my first Christmas in our house, we only have about 3 ornaments... two of which are from Starbucks :-) so I went to my mom's house and stole (ahem, borrowed) some of hers. Also, I was very impressed that our cat, Gracie, hasn't knocked anything over yet. We'll see if that's still in effect this evening when I get home from work.

As for this baby - she's about 4 1/2 weeks away from her little due date. It's so hard to predict if she'll be early or late, but my money's on early. Even some sweet gal at the grocery store this morning said "oooh, she looks low," which I've been hearing more of lately. So.... the countdown is in progress and I'll be sure to keep you updated!

And a special little exclusive: we've decided on her name, and I'm keeping it a secret on-air. But I'm gonna announce it in this journal in my next post if you'd like to know a little early. :-)



April said...

Dear Sarah,
one of my friends and I listens to Spirit 105.3 and we like it and also can I please have a picture of your baby?

IslandGirl said...

Well Sarah,

I am going to say late - not early. Reason being that the full moon is December 4th which would me her arrival would be between December 1st and December 7th and that's too early for a 1st baby. So the next full moon is January 3rd so between December 31st and January 6th is my guess.


Lisa Fitch said...

Hi Sarah,

I just spent a few minutes reading through your blog and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write from your heart. My husband is 40 and I'm 35 years old. We've only been married a little over two years. To our surprise, we got pregnant soon after getting married, and we were thrilled, but we lost the baby at 5 months. He was just big enough for the hospital to give us his hand and foot prints. It was VERY painful, and I, so far, haven't been brave enough to try again. But, after reading your blog entries, they reminded me of all the joy we had while I was carrying him. So I'm wondering...would you mind lifting up a prayer on our behalf. With our ages and my only having one lung it may take a miracle to carry a baby to term, but we would really love one to teach of God's Ways, who can make a difference for the Lord in today's world. Would you mind praying that for us. We would be just as happy if it were a girl, too. Thanks for being an inspiration!

God Bless Ya,
Lisa and Stephen Fitch :0)

Patri said...

Hi Sarah,
I love the snow too! My family is out enjoying the snow while I watch from our front window. Fortunately, our computer is in the front room so I am streaming Spirit too.
Well, I can across your journal that I didn't know you had online. But I did know you and I have pretty close due dates. I listen every morning & evening during my commute so I am always excited to hear how you are doing. I can completely relate to all you've shared. I am due right before Christmas day, have about 4weeks left and expecting a girl.
I look forward to checking your journal and find out your little one's name!
Blessings :-)

Elise said...

I love that picture of you!!! What a blessing to have your baby during the Christmas holiday!!! Can't wait to hear the name you have picked out. Enjoy your last couple of weeks, get lots of rest and let everyone spoil you!


jania reyes said...

hey sarh my name is jani my family love to hear spirit 105.3 and we hear it everyday! will i just wanted to know if u can give me a picture of ur baby! will love lots

Karole Johnson said...

Hey Sarah, I have been praying for you and your baby. I am so excited for you!! I understand your tiredness, and can only offer you the same advice you have heard before, so I will keep that to myself. Being a mom of 6, I truly know how the same old advice becomes almost as frustrating as the length of the pregnancy. Do you have a doula? If not, I am available, and would truly consider it an honor to assist you and your husband with welcoming your sweet Godsend. If you do have a doula, congratulations for making a decision that will truly change the experience for you!!

Much love and blessings,

gabi said...

Hey Sarah-
I have just finished reading through ur journal and I am very excited for you!! I hope that you enjoy ur holiday season and I cant wait to find out the name you and ur husband chose for ur baby girl!
Merry Christmas!


Mom said...

Today my student, Ali, came into the classroom and said, "Mrs. Mc, I was looking on the Spirit website to try to find out if we had school or not, and I found your daughter's Pregnancy Journal! It's really cool!" I said, "Pregnancy Journal?!? I've got to see!" And being a computer teacher immediately clicked it on for the whole class to see! We love it! And now the students are starting a guessing contest... EARLY? LATE? We'll let you know what the vote is! Students who are right get CHOCOLATE!

Gabbysgramma said...

My first grandchild arrived on September 26. My DiL's due date was September 25 and that is when she went into labor (thinking it was just cramps). Gabriella arrived at 2:04 am the next morning. First babies really can come on time. God bless you and your husband on this new journey. There's nothing like it.

Linda H. said...

Dear Sarah,
My first baby was a girl born on Dec. 18, 1968. We would wait and put up the Chistmas Decorations after her Birthday, cause my Mother's BD was Dec. 27th and she always complained that she thought her presents were left overs. But when my girl was about 10 she asked why we alway waited and I told her"So Your Birthday is Your Birthday." She said she would rather have the decorations up so went back to putting them up Thanksgiving weekend.
We wish you God's Blessing in the years to come. Enjoy motherhood.
Linda H.

mamajilly said...

Dear Sarah,
My husband and I are from the Seattle area and are currently stationed in Southern California with the Marine Corps. Praise God for online radio station streaming!!! I must say I was a bit jealous when I heard about all the snow up there (lately it's been in the 60s to 70s here and I hear that's about as cold as it gets:P). Your pregnancy journal caught my eye, because I am also expecting. We will welcome a boy sometime in late January (but I'm pushing for early January...not literally pushing:) Anyway, I have a 16 month old daughter who definitely keeps me on my toes and of course am looking forward to the boy too:) My daughter was born 4 days late. It wasn't too bad though. God bless and I pray that you have a great experience and a wonderful first meeting with your daughter:)
God Bless, Jillian

Maggie said...


You remember me? Margaret? Maggie? Anyways, I'm actually wearing the sweater you gave me (grey, has a hood, super comfortable, Ambercrombie & Fitch?)... anyways. I love it. And I continue to wear the blue and red sweater you gave me as well. You were right.. you did have something I would wear. I wear them all the time...

Well, I guess you're getting bigger now... so congratulations! I'm so happy for you! And I'm praying for you and your well being (and your little gal's). Can't wait to see the scrapbook you'll make (assuming you can find the time). She's so lucky to have a mom like you! Be sure to take lots of pictures (like you need me to tell you :)... I'm obsessed with pictures.

I see what's going on with you. And I'll just oblige you into hearing about my life lately. I'm planning on being an exchange student next year for 10 months in Europe (should be exciting). The interview is next Saturday, so some prayer for that would be snazzy. And I've been busy talking to people ALL over the world lately (last night I got messages from Netherlands, London, New Zeland, Sweden, Germany, and Australia!)... it's a lot of fun. If you're super bored and want to see what I'm up to, I stay pretty busy at

Sorry... I guess this is more so a letter than a comment, but I haven't been able to talk to you lately.

Maggie said...

Oh yeah! You look absolutely beautifullly wonderful in that picture!

stephanie8994 said...

You sound just like me. I love the snow, and after a long day of playing hot chocolate sounds like the best thing in the world. Im really excited for your little girl, you must be excited to. I love listening to your show! much love and happy holidays!

evelyn said...

dear sarah,
i knew you when you were a baby... my daughter melanie is your cousin. her dad rick is your dad's brother. it's such a blessing to see your picture! and i make those cheesy potatoes too. your mom always was a great cook!
evelyn (was roach, now stivers)