Monday, January 10, 2011


Usually when you hit a “rollover” birthday, you get some pretty funny cards and text messages.

I loved my friend Callies, which said: Inside every 30 year old is an 18 year old asking “What happened?”

I loved Callies husbands text: Happy Birthday, ya ol’ bag a bones.

I loved Taras handwritten note: Glad you’re going first.

I loved that my husband bought me an incredibly conservative dress from Nordstrom which he deemed “age-appropriate” and we laughed and laughed.

But the card that got me good was the one from my mom.

Although it didn’t make fun of me. It didn’t say I was old.

In her beautiful handwriting, the front of the envelope read: 10,950 days

The card mentioned that not a day goes by that she doesn’t’ think about me, care about me and wish good things for me.

Inside, I found this:

My eyes got misty because I think about how I feel about my own daughter, now four. I know the feeling of always holding on to someone in your heart. And I only have 1,460 days of this down…. My mom has me beat by so many!

Some people said “Happy Birthday, Sarah” but the truth is, “Way to go, Robin!” on surviving 10,950 days of newborn cries, toddler antics, first days of school, sick days, family vacations, teenager rebellion, college term paper editing, a wedding and a pregnancy and a grandchild birth.

Sheesh, I think maybe SHES the one who deserves the card.


Beatriz said...

WOW! You have a special way of sharing your thoughts. That is amazing Sarah! Great jog Robbin! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hang onto those cards Sarah! I laminated the last BD and Christmas cards I got from my mom before she died and reread them whenever I miss her.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful and made me tear up! God bless!

Nancy Oren Wilson said...

ahh is a blessing indeed to read a testimony as sweet and confirming as this one. CAN I GET A SHOUT OUT TO ROBBIE???
Oh yeah, that is a great shout out!! I just love a girl who loves her Mama. I love mine too.
Happy 30th you young whippersnapper!

RebeccaFM said...

It's true. There's nothing like being a parent, to make you appreciate your own parents. This week I contemplate the end of my daughter's Sophomore year of high school. When she was young we were incredibly close. She hit the tween years and it became difficult. I've had to grow up, mature & learn to compromise myself. With incredible love. She now looks at me, tells me I'm a beautiful mom and I'll be a great grandma someday. Wait until you hear those words from your child's mouth, ha! ;) That will put age into perspective. We are working on college, driving lessons - where did the high chair go? It is also true, the years go by quickly, the work remains - and changes with each new growth.

Hampers said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe belated, but the thought you received is there. What a Mom - treasure her...