Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God, Do You See Me?

It was a deer-in-headlights moment.

Our daughter was on stage for her first ballet recital. I had forgotten to warn her about those bright stage lights beforehand, which meant she wouldn’t be able to see us in the audience. In an instant, I saw her searching eyes and anxiety. Although we could see her just fine, all she saw was darkness.

I wanted to shout out: “I’m here, sweetheart! I SEE YOU!” but that would have been inappropriate. It broke my heart and she was near tears.

How often is this me when I’m talking to God? Jesus, I need you! Do you see me? I can’t see you!

At the end of the dance, the stage lights went off and the house lights came up. My husband and I sprung from our seats and waved frantically until Olivia's eyes caught ours. Relief washed over her face the second she spotted us.

We can’t see Him yet. But we trust that He’s there.

Bring those houselights up soon, Lord.


Anonymous said...

A NEW POST! How awesome and appropriate! I so long to go home. Olivia is beautiful, and how so grown up! The fear of not knowing and seeing, and them the relief washing over us as we see!

Eva said...

This post literally just brought me to tears. They are flowing. It's amazing the ways God lets you know He's there. I so need Him right now, such a big struggle going on. Don't mean to unload on your blog but please keep my marriage in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful - thank you.

Cupcakes said...

Gorgeous - have been lurking here for a while and you have posted again, thanks!

Irish Art said...

Why no new posts ;(
I really enjoyed this one, really sweet. You should def start again when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know what you think about masterbation.