Friday, September 4, 2009


Can you remember a moment in your life where you were the most afraid?

I remember one of mine. A cold, dark January night… alone at Childrens Hospital with 1-year-old Olivia in my arms, her tiny head spiking a fever of 104. The doctors had to give her a steroid shot in her leg because her Strider (a deep cough and inflammation) was so bad. They said the shot would most likely help her, but in some cases it actually made things worse…and could restrict her airway completely if she had an adverse reaction. They told me that if this was the case, they had a “crash cart” in the hallway and were prepared to use it.

A crash cart? For my baby?

They looked at me. I was the decision maker. My husband was not there. I was it.


Tears poured from my face as I held Olivia and said yes. I prayed over her out loud as they treated her. “Jesus be with her! Jesus help her!” I can’t remember how loud my voice was, but lets just say it was the voice a mother gets when she is going to battle for her child.


Looking back, and knowing that Olivia is totally fine, I have a better perspective and the whole scene seems overly dramatic. But in the moment, I was desperate and afraid.

I mention all this to introduce you to a new book by Max Lucado.

There are only a handful of authors whos books I buy every time a new one comes out… And Max Lucado makes the list.

I’ve always felt like he strings words together in a gentle way… kind of like spoon-feeding me the message of Jesus. Its as if Lucado knows I’m fragile, so he treads lightly.

In his latest book, Fearless, Lucado was able to do what he does best: paint a picture with words, back it up with Scripture, and close each chapter with an “atta girl, you can do it!” attitude. I devour his books like a warm casserole out of the oven...comfort food at its best - yet his chapters come with no calories! Win.

One chapter in Fearless is titled “Fear of Not Protecting My Kids.” I’ve needed this chapter for a long time, because I’m an expert worrier. Lucado, a father of three daughters himself, is quick to acknowledge that the “semitruck of parenting comes loaded with fears…” and then he is gentle when he gives us the answer. Its an answer we already know, but it’s the truth none-the-less: Prayer. I guess I just needed him to remind me...again.

Lucado says that “Prayer is the saucer into which parental fears are poured to cool.” I love that image. This is something I CAN do. I can take my worries and ask God to help me shape them into prayers.

“Parents, we can’t protect children from every threat in life, but we can take them to the Source of life.” Pg 61

There are several other chapters in the book, Fearless, that deal with the Fear of Disappointing God, the Fear of Overwhelming Challenges, and the Fear that God Is Not Real.

And every chapter offers the antidote to fear… and that is faith.

Read on, friends.

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Eva Foster said...

I must read this book because you just described me.

malerie said...

You've sold me! Can't wait to read it :)

Anonymous said...

The comfort without calories line was BRILLIANT!

I can't wait to "dig-in!"

welovereagan said...

I signed up with you too and also read this book I could not have said it better. Max did such a wonderful job writting this book!