Thursday, September 24, 2009


I go through seasons of inspiration. When this blog first took form, I was a little over a month away from my due date with Olivia. It was my "baby blog" of sorts, and remained that way for the first year. Then I began to talk about things other than Olivia (gasp!) and found my groove with writing. Of course, we all remember my juicing phase... Well, now I'm in my book phase, if you cant tell. I've got a stack of paperbacks and hardcovers near my night stand. Some are downstairs, some are upstairs, and my husband has mentioned the word "Kindle" to me more than once.

I read books of all sorts, depending on what mood I'm in. Currently in rotation (in no particular order) includes the new Nicholas Sparks "The Last Song," Kathy Griffin "Official Book Club Selection," and "The End Of Overeating" by an author whos name I can't recall at the moment and am too lazy to Google.

My favorite over the past month has been Donald Millers "A Million Miles in A Thousand Years." Perhaps you are familiar with one of his first books, Blue Like Jazz. I'd call this new book somewhat of a follow-up to the first one. For some reason, I connect with his writing immensely and find myself wishing my eyes could move faster and drink in more words so I could turn pages at a quicker pace. And when the book is done, I'm ready for more. If you are even the slightest bit interested in starting even one book, I'd suggest this one.

All this to say, sometimes I'm so busy reading that I forget to blog.

And the next post on here will be about books again, so brace yourself. Only this next post might just be about the most important book there ever was and how I'm learning to read that book in a different way.



malerie said...

a thought I had RIGHT before reading this entry:

"I need to stop reading so much and start blogging again."

how do you always do that? :)

Patti Crooks said...

Listen to your husband, get a Kindle. I thought it was just too much money and too wasteful, but I was given one as a gift and truly I LOVE IT!!!! You won't understand just how awesome this is until you get your own. Trust me!