Monday, June 29, 2009

Turning Pages

Somebody find my seventh grade yearbook, because I'm turning back into that little 13-year-old girl I once was.

A few of you know me from back-in-the-day when I wore overalls to school and did math...for recess. I also read. A lot.

And I'm proud to say: that girl is back! I may have contacts now - and the braces are gone - but deep in my heart, I'm a student who loves to learn. I was thisclose to being valedictorian (darn you, Callie!). Nevermind the fact that I had to just Google valedictorian in order to spell it correctly. What I'm trying to say is, I'm embracing the inner part of who I am - which is that nerdy little 13 year old whos reflection I still see in the mirror each day. I've tried to outgrow her, but she's persistent, and no matter how hip & trendy I try and be on the outside, I will always be the straight-A-striving, overachieving, book-loving fool I was meant to be. Is no wonder I fell in love with a man who was homeschooled and graduated high-school at the age of 16! My heart nearly burst out of my chest when we started dating: "Hooray, we can do cross-words together!"

But back to the reading. I just signed on to be a Thomas Nelson book-reviewer-blogger-whathaveyou. Have you heard about this? Brilliant! The publishing company, Thomas Nelson, is giving away free books to bloggers to review. Sign up here if the seventh-grader inside you wants to do book reports, too.

So anyway, I figured, as I wait for my first book to arrive, I will choose one of my own favorite books to review just to get started. Upon looking at the back page however, I realized that this book is also indeed a Thomas Nelson book, so go figure.

Sam introduced me to this book a few months ago. She said: "Its like Jesus calls you up each morning and leaves a voicemail..."

The author, Sarah Young, explains that she had read a book years ago that talked about waiting quietly in Gods Presence, pencil and paper in hand, recording what she believed He was saying. This was so refreshing to me, to read someone else who shares this experience, because often this is what I do when I find some time to sit quietly. So the book, Jesus Calling, is written in the first person, as if Jesus were talking.

I was reading todays and thought I'd share:

"As you get out of bed in the morning, be aware of My Presence with you. You may not be thinking clearly yet, but I am. Your early morning thoughts tend to be anxious ones until you get connected with Me. Invite Me into your thoughts by whispering My Name. Suddenly your day brightens and feels more user-friendly. You cannot dread a day that is vibrant with My Presence.

You gain confidence through knowing that I am with you - that you face nothing alone. Anxiety stems from asking the wrong question: "If such and such happens, can I handle it?" The true question is not whether you can cope with whatever happens, but whether you and I together can handle anything that occurs. It is this you-and-I-together factor that gives you confidence to face the day cheerfully."

Psalm 5:3
3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation


Rachel said...

Yay! I love reading! I totally signed up too! Thank you for letting us all know about this opportunity! I am looking forward to reading your reviews as well. Your posts are always insightful and entertaining!

Megan said...

Very cool! Love it! =D

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I've never commented (sorry about that!). I just have to say....thanks so much for posting the link-I LOVE books and signed up too. I picked my book and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Oh, and I totally loved book reports....

rachaelsway said...

Sarah, how do you know just what I need to hear? I am going out to buy this book I need to have it! thank you so much for allowing God to work through you to show those who need to hear and see what God is telling us!

Michelle Ferguson said...

I loved the excerpts you shared from "Jesus Calling." I heard a woman speak recently about our tendency to pray for others and tell the Lord what we think they need, rather than asking Him and then praying accordingly. I love that this devotional is along that same line of thought and I was SO very encouraged by the entries shared here. I will have to pick that one up one of these days :)

SPUD said...

sarah, i m a 13 year old girl. "Jesus Calling" is not just a "Grown up book" because i love it too!