Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aquarium Fun

For Olivias 2nd Birthday, Joel and I took her to the Seattle Aquarium.

She loved the fishies - and wanted to get IN the tanks with them. The glass frustrated her - she kept saying "touch water? touch water?"

Those poor starfish. She poked them... a lot.

Here she is, again, trying to get in. I'm also posting this picture because of my kickin' new handbag. :-)

Jellyfish Olivia

Uncle Neal and Aunt Amy came too!

Here she is, captivated by otters. She called them wet dogs. Close enough!

Family Photo

The classic ending picture to a busy, fun-filled day.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet girl. You're two!


Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl! She's certainly been blessed in her two years! May the good Lord bless and keep her for many more birthdays filled with love, family, and exhausting happiness!

Lockas lilla lÃĪngtan said...

You have a really cute girl and it looks like she had a nice day.

Hugs Veronica

Kat said...

awww how adorable. Thanks for sharing. And Happy Birthday Olivia!

yogamama said...

Totally precious! my 3rd grader is doing his science fair animal report on otters. I'll have to let him know their alternate name: wet dogs! Happy new year, and Happy Birthday Olivia!

blessings, millie :-)