Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowflakes and Shopping Bags

I awoke to a *buzz buzz* text message on Sunday morning from my mom. It read: "Bring that Granddaughter on over here to play in the snow! You and Joel can have a fun day!"

I was out of bed at lightening speed.

We bundled up Olivia in her hat and mittens and scarf and pink Hello Kitty boots and off we went. Slowly, of course, because it was early Sunday morning and the roads were icy.

Olivia jumped out of the car with glee when we reached "Nanny and Po's House" and yelled "Nooooooooo!" which actually means "Snooooooow!!!" in her little brain. She was in seventh heaven.

Joel and I knew to make the most of our free day by getting all our Holiday shopping done - so we hit up Old Navy first. The parking lot was practically empty because of the snow, so we grabbed everything we needed in record time, with NO LINE. This was the beginning of a beautiful day. Target came next. Same thing - empty parking lot, no line. It was bliss! Stocking stuffers galore, plus a gift card for my brother Andrew for some Wii points. And no, I'm not ruining the surprise because he doesn't read blogs. :-) He's 18 and has better things to do with his play the Wii.

Joel and I took a break to go home, have some french toast and scrambled eggs, and just rest. I had "Its A Wonderful Life" on DVR from the night before - watched the whole thing. I've never seen the movie before - just clips here and there. HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE? I loved it. Joel was quoting it with his back turned as he played on the computer. Evidently, he and his mom used to watch it each year. I think I'm officially the last person on earth that had not seen that movie. I'm gonna start calling Olivia "ZuZu."

The french toast was fuel for us to get back in the car and finish our shopping. My mom HATES the mall, so we said we'd do her shopping for her in exchange for the lovely day of childcare she was providing us. Done deal, she said! So we had fun finding a snowflake broach for my Grandma Grace in California, and a kickin' Northface Jacket for my little brother. (Dont worry, he doesn't read blogs, remember?). Plus, I may have thrown in a few extras for myself for my mom to give me. :-) We also got a DVD for Joels best friend, JR, whos serving in Iraq - and a bunch of goodies for his sister Ellen who just moved to Nashville. (And Ellen DOES read blogs, and I hope she sees this, to know a special care package is on its way!)

By the end of the day, Joel and I were simply exhausted. The french toast had long wore off, and we were starving. Imagine our surprise to walk into my parents house to get Olivia, with the warm aroma of homemade crock-pot Chili just waiting...right next to the brownies, fresh out of the oven.

My mom was thrilled that her shopping was done - without her ever having to find a parking spot. Olivia was in soft pink "Footie" pajamas, ready for a ride home and a warm bottle of milk. Joel and I were just about to hop in the car when someone reminded us that the Survivor finale began at eight pm. It was icing on the cake, we couldn't wait to see if Bob would win.

And he did.

And it was a good day. A very, very good day.

Olivia and Katie

Sarah, Meghan, Jacob, Katie and Olivia

It was a good day


malerie said...

You're not the last...I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life," but I was just telling Matt how we need to finally watch it this Christmas!

Beatriz said...

Your mom is awesome! I got hungry reading this. :) It’s so cold and the chili sounds really good.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

P.S. I haven't seen "It's a Wonderful Life."

Lyndsay said...

Finally a Survivor season ends with the person I want to win actually winning. It was a great day! I'm so glad you got all that done and had some quality alone time with your sweetie! Doesn't look like Olivia's day was half bad either! ;)

Tara Severson said...

I can not believe you!!! I have been saving ALL the survivors on DVR awaiting Ryan's return so we could watch them together. And now I know who won. I made it all day without finding out and now I know. I will try to forget between now and February.

Sarah Taylor said...

Oh Tara! I'm so sorry!!!!

Nicole D. said...

It must have been like Cyber shopping for your mom but she did not have to pay the shipping and handling! Sounds like you all had a great day!

CallinaP said...

You forgot to mention meeting up with your VERY special friend at Nordstrom to complete your perfect day! (And no, I don't mean Jenny). Pmff. I guess I might just have to share your $18 purchasES with the blog world!!!

Angela said...

That does sound like a fantastic day and I love the photo of Olivia in the car - super cute! Also making a mental note to self not to put you on my trivia team when the category is "classic Christmas films" :)

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to live close to your parents. What a blessing!