Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, Hallmark, how you know me

I'm a Hallmark girl, through-and-through. If you ever want to impress me, send a card in the mail with that sweet Gold Seal on the back.

I love Hallmark cards (and Hallmark commercials) and could spend hours contemplating the perfect cover art with the perfect description with the perfect envelope. I was in the Birthday section this morning, because my nephew Jack is about to turn 3. And I needed to find just the right card, preferably with the number 3 on it. I'm big on giving kids age-specific cards. I'm not sure how much my dad would like a card that was in the shape of a 52, but whatever. I'm sure Jack will like his 3.

While I was scanning the store, pressing anything that had a button and played music (much to the cashiers chagrin), I stumbled into their wrapping paper section and fell in love with the MegaRoll. Finally! A roll of paper big enough to wrap that ShopVac I got Joel a few years ago! Then, I found the "Peek-Buster" bags - complete with motion-sensors that sound an alarm when little fingers get too close!

Hallmark - I only wish I was so creative - I would send YOU a card.



malerie said...

I'm pretty sure I've never met anyone else who loves Hallmark as much as me before. Their "Fresh Ink" line is my all time favorite :)

Anonymous said...

I suspected I was old enough to be your mother and your father's age in print confirms it. Yeah to the HS class of 1975! And yes, I like Hallmark to.

Anonymous said...

Whoa,'re at 99 posts for can do it!!! One last push to 100!

..::Paulina::.. said...

Sarah, I heard you talk about the "peek in progress" bags on the radio yesterday. I was just about to go to the mall, so I made sure that I stopped by Hallmark! I laughed so hard when I saw the bags- I got two of them! Thanks for sharing all of your interesting finds! :)