Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is that a fan or a heater?

How'd you do in the sun yesterday? Yikes. My house was an oven. We have a three-story townhouse - so you can imagine what happens when it's time to go to bed: heat rises. We had three fans in our room, and Olivia sleeps in a cradle next to the bed - and it seriously felt like we were turning heaters on. I had a squirt bottle of water - which made our kitty nervous, she kept thinking she was in trouble. Poor thing! I'm so glad it's cooling down a bit today. Too much heat yesterday. Too much. Bleh.


Mrs M said...

I completely agree! Yesterday was just gross!!!

So, are those teeth I see??? :o)

Teapot Sue said...

When are you going to post some pictures of your baby?

(By the way -- embarrassingly -- I, Brant Hansen, am "Teapot Sue". My daughter has a blog, and she uses my password, and she picked the name. I didn't know I would now be identified this way. Kind of difficult to sound cool when you're posting as "Teapot Sue". But that's who I am, apparently.)