Monday, May 7, 2007

Road Trip

This past weekend, we went to visit Grandpa in Lynden. Boy, was he excited to show off his first Grand-daughter! Lynden was having a festival called "Holland Days" and there was quite the turnout for the parade. Olivia was a little overwhelmed.

She did pretty well on the car ride - much to my surprise. Olivia has hated her carseat from day one, so I was prepared for a whole lot of crying... but she took a nap both ways and didn't fuss too much. Whew!

This picture is from my dad's backyard. It's like a nature preserve! Theres ducks and geese and little ducklings and goslings! Plus, blackbirds and frogs and crickets and other racket that keeps me up at night. :-) It's like trying to sleep next to the zoo.

Olivia had her 4-month checkup last week, too. She's 15lbs, 9 oz... that's 95th percentile! She doesn't miss many you can tell.

She laughs out loud when I put her in front of the mirror. She cracks herself up! And she's reaching for EVERYTHING now, including the kitty. She got a big handful of fur the other day, and poor kitty was like "Hello? Did anyone just see that?"

I'm looking forward to celebrating my first mothers day this next weekend. I don't know if Olivia knows that she's supposed to get me a present. Hmmm... does someone want to clue my husband in on that one? Tell him I'd like breakfast in bed, please. :-)




Leeners said...

Wow, your Dad's place looks GORGEOUS!!! I like Lynden, it's nice and kind of country which is awesome.

I'm glad Olivia was good on the car trip, that makes everything so much more enjoyable! She looks so much like you, it's adorable :o)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs M said...

Okay, she is getting cuter and cuter every time I see a new picture of her! Look at those cheeks! :o) hehe

I know you don't know me ... but I wanted you to know that I have gained alot of strength and encouragement from you, and others at Spirit. I remember the first time I heard your clip about the fear you had just after Olivia was born ... it brought me to tears. My husband is currently in Iraq - he's been there since last June and will be there until this next October ... and today, just like every other day, I'm scared. But all I have to do is turn the radio on and listen to you and Tom talking, and you never cease to make me laugh, and remind me that I have a God who is bigger than this war, and he has everything in control. Thank you Sarah ... you are such a blessing!