Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I think I need a nap

So this morning was a little tough, I'm not going to lie.

Olivia was cranky and so was I. She was up early, wide-eyed and soaked with drool. I was still rubbing my eyes, saying "Five more minutes, Olivia. Five more minutes for Mommy." I wish she had a snooze button.

She does this new sound in the mornings. It's like a Velosoraptor. A High-pitched squeak that turns into a roar. It's a happy sound, but it's loud. Over and over. Sometimes I call Joel at work, just so he gets to listen as well. He usually says "That's great Sarah. I've gotta go."

So. My little dinosaur is going to be five months old next week. Unreal. She's working so hard on sitting up. We got her one of those baby Bumbo seats to help with the sitting. She enjoys it but tires quickly. She's trying to roll over, but hasn't done it on her own yet. Just going at her own pace, I guess.

Her favorite thing is to look at herself in the mirror. I don't think she knows it's her reflection... or maybe she does. In any event, it's the surefire way to get a smile. That, and auntie Ellen.

Highlight of the week, though, was last Sunday at Church when Olivia was dedicated. Pastor Brad prayed for Joel and I - that God would give us wisdom as we raise her. He prayed for our marriage and our family - and he prayed that Olivia would come to know Jesus at an early age, once she could tell right from wrong. It was a beautiful prayer, and I keep going over the words in my mind. Once again, I'm reminded of how much I need God in my life. How thankful I am that I feel a connection with Him. Even more thankful that I work in a place where I can talk freely about Him with people who understand. And even more thankful that when I go home at night, I can look at a husband and daughter who I adore, and say prayers over them as I fall asleep.

I just re-read that last paragraph, and funny enough, I'm not having such a bad day after all.


Leeners said...

Sounds like a beautiful dedication prayer, what a blesssing! I always loved the dedication prayers at my previous church but I haven't seen any at my new church yet.

Hang in there with the baby dinosaur! Once you've been a mom long enough, you'll learn to tune her out ;o)

God bless!

Mrs M said...

How was your Mothers Day?

Lori said...

You are a sweet young lady Sarah!

Mandy McMahan said...

After getting your comment yesterday, I decided to go back and read your posts on Olivia when she was the same age as Emma to see if you went through some of the same things I did.

Dinosaur squeals, drool, Bumbo chairs, laughing at her reflection in the mirror ... this time with Olivia sounds JUST like what I'm experiencing with Emma right now! She SO does that velociraptor squeal! :)

So nice to read other mothers' sweet stories ... I blogged WHILE I was in labor (January 25-26). I'm so glad I did that because it's so crazy/fun to read it now.

Yay for mommy blogs! :)