Monday, July 19, 2010

I Remember It Well

The following is an actual email that I just sent my parents:

Hey Mom, Hey Kevin...

One upon a time, I was a little girl, probably six.

You guys took me to Baskin Robbins, and I asked to have a sundae in a "helmet cup."

You guys said "No, you wont even remember that plastic cup in a couple of days."

I cried.

Now is your chance to make it up to me... as they have them again. Don't screw up this opportunity.



..::Paulina::.. said...

Love this! If you lived in the south side, I would totally take you out to Baskin Robbins (and a movie)! Love ya Sarah!

Jill Iversen said...

That is so funny! Get one for yourself-this may be your last chance!

Anonymous said...

The things our parents do/say that they think we won't remember! I have lots of momilies.

Robin said...

Oh baby girl... did we scar you? How could we dare not have given you that ten dollar helmet-cup-ice-cream? What cruel parents! Little did we know that our thoughtless "selfishness" would leave such a deep, deep wound! ;)

I say that Kev & I need to take you & Joel & Livi out right away and treat you to one! And then we need to take you out for a second one the next

Will that be a good start?

Love, Mom aka cheapskate

PS When Liv begs for that overpriced fruit smoothie in the twenty five dollar Disney mug... whatch' gonna do?

Beatriz said...

Sarah this was too funny! I was laughing out loud. I LOVE the response from your mom! :)

I can't stop laughing!