Thursday, April 30, 2009

Its normal to take pictures in a grocery store, yes?

So last night, I took Olivia to the store with me in search of the magazine.

We went to three stores and couldn't find it. Those poor cashiers must have been like "Why is this woman yelling at me because we don't have the latest copy of Womens World? Man, if she's this into that magazine, she should get a subscription."

So finally the fourth store had it. (Shout out to Fred Meyer)

Please note that I found my magazine, and my daughter found something better.

Here I thought my biggest competition was "O" Magazine, or perhaps Good Housekeeping, or even US Weekly, and rather it was Dora The Explorer.

I can't believe I lost to a cartoon.

So while Olivia made her cover girl choice, I decided to restock the shelves.

And you know this wouldn't be complete without...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take THAT, US Weekly

Well. See? I told the truth - I really DID do a photoshoot and it really DID end up at a checkstand near you! Its still in stores this week, so if you feel the need to spend $1.79 on something, well, have at it. There seems to be a great recipe for cupcakes juice in there.

(and welcome new readers to this blog who have found it through the Spirit 105.3 email update. Enjoy previous juicing stories in blog posts as you scroll down.)

So there it is. My cover. Anyone see who I'm up against this week on US Weekly or People? I haven't actually been to the grocery store yet. Thats my plan tonight after I'm off air - my mom and I are meeting at the store to take a picture of me by the stands. I know, I know. I KNOW. Ridiculous. But we need to document this moment.

So I shall assess my competition. Is it Spencer and Heidi from The Hills? Are they on US Weekly this week? Because I think I can take 'em...