Thursday, April 30, 2009

Its normal to take pictures in a grocery store, yes?

So last night, I took Olivia to the store with me in search of the magazine.

We went to three stores and couldn't find it. Those poor cashiers must have been like "Why is this woman yelling at me because we don't have the latest copy of Womens World? Man, if she's this into that magazine, she should get a subscription."

So finally the fourth store had it. (Shout out to Fred Meyer)

Please note that I found my magazine, and my daughter found something better.

Here I thought my biggest competition was "O" Magazine, or perhaps Good Housekeeping, or even US Weekly, and rather it was Dora The Explorer.

I can't believe I lost to a cartoon.

So while Olivia made her cover girl choice, I decided to restock the shelves.

And you know this wouldn't be complete without...



Megan N. said...

Looks like you and Olivia had fun at the grocery store taking pictures! By the way Olivia's curls are just so adorable! Congrats on being on the cover of Women's World! I am gonna pick up a copy tonight.
-Megan N.-

Eva Foster said...

I LOVE this post! It's great!!! And the pictures, wow...AWESOME!

Dan and Barb said...

You are SO SILLY!!! I too had to go to several stores before I found it, but I DID!!! We are bringing home next time we come to get it autographed!!! I got 3 copies just in case anyone needs one! What a kick to tell the cashier it was my daughter's best friend on the cover!! We knew you when.... Love you kiddo and proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that you are so successful and yet so down to earth!

Sarah said...

You did a great job at the Revive/Brandon Heath/Third Day concert last night. :)

It was a blast, wasn't it!?!?!

Liz Jordan said...